Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jennifer Moss: Naked Lady to March Topless in July 4 Parade-Video 3

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NSFW video
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Video #3: Jennifer Skates Around Ashland, OR (1:25 minutes long)
NOTE: Through about half of this video, the cameraman is taking footage of the sidewalk of Ashland.

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Jennifer Moss, formerly known as the “Pastie Lady” or “Earth Friend Jen”, when she pedaled the streets of Ojai, CA, rolled north to Ashland, OR. Now, she’s known as “The Naked Lady” and will march topless in the town’s Fourth of July parade.

Moss, pictured above, is wearing a hemp g-string. Tagged “The Environmental Exhibitionist” by DBKP, she claims that she wears her skimpy outfits to call attention to environmental issues.

Apparently, the cameraman was so moved by the persuasiveness of Moss, that he forgot to shoot her skating--for about half of the above video.

by Mondoreb

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