Thursday, June 12, 2008

John McCain: Mrs. McCain 1.0

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Tales from the BlancaSphere

Long before that trollopy cunt Cindy McCain, there was another Mrs. McCain. She was a model, a hottie, and a devoted wife, who waited alone at night, for five long years, for her man to return from Vietnam.

Of course Johnny decided to repay her loyalty by divorcing her and then one month later, marrying beer money.

I guess John didn't like her looks after that car accident, which left her five inches shorter and scarred, twenty three surgeries later. Who can blame him trading her in for a younger model. Oh, did I mention she has money? And beer? Mmmm. Beer.

But we really shouldn't be hard on Johnny. After all, he is a wounded war hero, who is on 100% disability due to his war injuries. Sure, he may be down, but he isn't out. In fact, he bravely overcame his disabilities to not only run for Congress, Senate, and President, but he became an inspiration to us all, hiking the Grand Canyon, despite being confined to a wheel chair, er, walker, er, Mercedes-Benz. Did I mention the beer money?

Yes, to this day, he collects his veteran's benefits for his service to this county. And even though he has voted against giving education benefits to veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, he knows how to cash in on his service. John Boy's latest television spot prominently features his family's service, including shots of him relaxing and kicking back in a hospital bed in the luxurious Hanoi Hilton.

My God, the last time I saw this much Vietnam crap, I was watching a campaign commercial for John Kerry.

Yes, John McCain is a real maverick. He's riding strong on the Straight Talk Express. He is one, vulgar, unfaithful, benefit-cheating son-of-a-bitch.

Vote for Bob Barr, baby!

by Blanca DeBree

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