Sunday, June 22, 2008

Katrina, Iowa Floods: Reactions Completely Different

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The people of Iowa have suffered greatly in the past week as their rivers have over-flowed their banks, and as town after town after town has been put under historically deep, stinking, brown water.

And the people of Iowa will smile; they will shrug their shoulders; they will not complain that the government has abandoned them; the will not rush to the over-passes of highways and hold screaming press conferences decrying the Bush Administration; they will not wonder where the National Guard is, for they do not want the national guard there.

They will instead shoulder their burden; wait for the waters to recede; pick up their brooms, their shovels, their hoses and buckets and rags and get to work cleaning up after the nation's "attack."

They will not rant; they will work. They won't scream; they will work. They won't call down the heavens upon the government. They will work. They won't look to Washington, or even much toward Des Moines; rather they will look to each other and they will work. God Bless these people, for this is America at its best. This is the Midwest where we grew up, and our friends grew up, and our (children) go to school. This is not Katrina. This is Katrina's anti-thesis.

Iowa Floods 2008 - Sunset in Saylorville

Iowans aren't complaining; they're dealing

by Babba Zee

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