Thursday, June 19, 2008

Larry Sinclair: The Name Game

It must be very confusing for Larry Sinclair's mailman.

While perusing some documents from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, a list of the known names used by Larry Sinclair was discovered--a long list.

Fourteen, to be exact.

Sinclair has repeatedly that he "has nothing to hide". If that's the case, why the need for so many names? Most men have one; women two or three if they get married or re-married. Why so many names?

Larry Plays the Name Game

At yesterday's press conference, Sinclair claimed three legal names he's used. Are the rest of the names listed on the CBI document illegal names?

We were only aware (and Larry had only claimed in posting on his site) three of the following fourteen names.

[NOTE: It appears that #1 and #6 are the same name, but we're listing what appeared in the CBI documents.]

Known names of Lawrence Wayne Sinclair

1 Sinclair, Larry Wayne
2 Sinclair, Larri Ashaiti
3 Avila, Larye Vizgua

4 Adams, Larye Vizcarra Availa
5 Silvas, Larye Ashaili
6 Sinclair, Larry Wayne

7 Silvas, Larye Ashaiti
8 Gahanan, Mohammed
9 Gahahan, Mohammed Fatha

10 Avilaadams, Larye Vizcaua
11 Avila, Larye Vizcaua
12 Sinclair, Lari Ashaiti
13 Avila, Larye Vizcarra
14 Sinclair, Lawrence Wayne

Why so many names?

We're sure it has to do with Larry Sinclair's stated occupations: fraud, drug running and trafficking in Mexican illegals.

We're also sure that having fourteen names/aliases doesn't render a person unbelievable. We're also sure that many of the people clinging to the hope that Larry Sinclair is telling the truth about his gay-sex-and-drug party with Barack Obama, might not hand over their personal info, if such a man happened to show up at their door--especially, one that had been arrested and jailed for credit card fraud.

Might not a man with fourteen names be a man with something to hide?

Such as his real name?

by Mondoreb
* politico
* se18locksmith

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