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Larry Sinclair Seeking "Contributions" For Latest Arrest

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Larry would appreciate any contributions to his legal fund as he now has additional legal expenses to what appear to be curiously timed charges.

“He is O.K., the charge is bullshit and I will return soon.”
Source -Larry Sinclair 0926

Obama accuser Larry Sinclair has this plea for "contributions" up on his website. Sinclair, who was arrested immediately after his Wednesday press conference at the National Press Club, is still in jail. At least we think he is, as his website has between "slim and none" details on Sinclair's latest incarceration, other than he is being held in D.C. as a "political prisoner".

The post also mentions that Sinclair's attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, visited Larry in jail. What's interesting about Sibley is that he continues to "represent" Sinclair after his law license was suspended in Florida and in D.C., the site of the press conference and Sinclair's latest arrest. Sibley could face further sanctions from the D.C. bar if caught practicing law while suspended. As Sibley made the introduction at Sinclair's Wednesday's press conference and introduced himself as Sinclair's attorney, DBKP wonders, wasn't this violation of his suspension?

Sinclair's website functions as a meeting place for Sinclair supporters and as a large cash cow by way of soliciting "donations" for Sinclair's "previous" legal expenses: an ongoing federal lawsuit filed in D.C. against three anonymous posters on the Democratic Underground forum. Sinclair's website,, has a copy of the lawsuit. Sinclair raised funds for a previous trip to D.C., reminscent of a bizarro Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, an old Jimmy Stewart film.

Stewart's character represents the powerful forces of American freedom, democracy and morality over oppression and evil in his emotional portrait of a naive, idealist, patriotic young politician who, after being sent to Washington (a symbol of liberty and democracy) as a junior senator from an un-named state, matures in wisdom, fights political corruption within his state's political machine, and guards American values as a moral hero. Source - Filmsite

Sinclair claimed his mission was to confront the Democrat's D.N.C. Rules Committee when they met in D.C.a few weeks ago. Sinclair stated his mission was to force the D.N.C. to "answer" as to why they had refused to address Sinclair's accusations that he and Senator Obama had met in November of 1999 for sordid sex and a cocaine party in the back of a rented limo.

Sinclair's next trip to D.C. was more eventful. He had scheduled a press conference at the National Press Club last Wednesday. Sinclair claimed he would "once and for all" reveal the "proof" to the MSM of the alleged fateful meetup in '99 and the details of his newest accusation against the Senator: that Obama was involved in the murder of the gay choirmaster at his former church, Donald Young.

At the press conference Sinclair gave out a press release and also "released" the name of the purported limo driver, one "Paramjit Multani". Sinclair then gave out phone numbers which he said related to his Donald Young claim, that Obama was not only having sex with Young, but that Obama had the gay choirmaster murdered in order to silence him. The "phone numbers" released by Sinclair--he claims he only spoke with "Young" and never met him--were Sinclair's. Sinclair then made this challenge: here is the name of the limo driver and the phone numbers, my job is done, it's now up to everyone else to "prove my stories".

While Sinclair claimed he was "releasing" the name of the limo driver to the public for the first time, this was in fact true, but with this caveat: Sinclair had previously posted the driver's name on a Youtube comment line shortly after he posted his original video at the end of January. In the video there was no mention of the "Donald Young" accusations nor of "speaking" with someone who claimed to be from the Obama campaign who said their name was Donald Young. Those allegations emerged later in the Sinclair saga.

I have posted a video statement on YouTube in the event anything should happen to me, it is clear that Police are to investigate as a homicide. I do believe from all my heart that the increased threats being made against me must be taken seriously. Source - Larry Sinclair 0926

On May 13th, Sinclair posted "Will Obama camp/supporters Try to Kill Larry Sinclair? In the post Sinclair posted a link to a new Youtube video and a transcript. Sinclair claimed his personal info had been released as well as family members info. Sinclair also claimed he had recieved death threats. He posted this ominous warning:

In light of the recent passing of Debra Palfrey, My family and I have increased concerns for my personal safety, and I have concerns for the safety of my family members. It is due to that concern that I want to make it very clear that; Under NO circumstances or situation would I EVER contemplate or commit suicide.

READ MORE of Larry Sinclair Website Seeks Bail "Contributions" at

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