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Montgomery Blair Sibley: Practicing Law While License Suspended?

Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair has scheduled a press conference this Wednesday at the National Press Club. Sinclair has asked that all questions about the conference be referred to his attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley. Sibley was placed under suspension by the D.C. Bar on May 12th.

While Sibley's suspension is still considered "interim", it's expected that he will eventually face a full three year suspension, the same fate of his Florida license to practice law. Even though Sibley's law license has been suspended it seems that he continues to "practice" law, at least in regards to his latest "infamous" client, Obama accuser, Larry Sinclair.

Sinclair announced an upcoming press conference on June 18th at the National Press Club. While Sinclair solicits "donations" to cover the "costs" of the press conference on his website, he also refers all questions to his attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley.

In 2007, the Washington Post wrote a piece on Sibley, whom they referred to as "attorney for the morally impugned and legally challenged". The Post also noted that Maryland had barred Sibley from "running a law office in the state". The WaPo piece is a great read for those unfamiliar with Montgomery Blair Sibley.

According to WaPo, federal prosecutors in the Palfrey case, the D.C. Madam who recently took her own life, say Sibley's "filings are so ignorant of basic legal tenets that they are almost incoherent". Which reminds us of his newest client, Larry Wayne Sinclair, ex-con and wanted felon in Colorado, who claims he had sex and partied with illegal drugs in the back of a rented limo in 1999 the then State Senator Barack Obama.

Sinclair claims that he has a law degree and that he can run legal circles around all challengers. Sinclair proved his legal "prowess" when he filed a federal lawsuit against Senator Obama, David Axelrod, and the D.N.C., claiming they had "conspired" to silence Sinclair, a violation of his right to free speech. The judge threw out Sinclair's case and ruled that Sinclair had failed to provide one single shred of evidence to back up his case. 

Sinclair, who's been pandering for public payola via soliciting for "donations" on his website to cover "legal" costs, filed yet another suit, this time against three anonymous posters on the Democratic Underground forum. Sinclair claimed that his "reputation" was sullied by the three anonymous posters comments and sued for the sum of $3 million. This from a man who had originally sued Obama, Axelrod, and the DNC, claiming they had conspired to shush Sinclair's right to free speech. Sinclair then announced that this time his suit was in the hands of a veritable powerhouse legal eagle, Montgomery Blair Sibley.

For more info on Sibley, check out the WaPo piece, it's highly illuminating. In the meantime Sinclair instigated his Banana Bread Raffle. Sinclair told readers he was going to raffle off 200 loaves of banana bread he'd baked himself. Inside two of the loaves would be a ticket to a "prize", a tv and a surround sound system. When others noted that offering a raffle online in Minnesota is illegal, the state Sinclair claims he's currently residing in, Sinclair changed the terminology. It was no longer a "raffle" but a "banana bread bake-off, and a way to help with Larry's mounting "legal costs".  A longtime poster on Sinclair's site commented that they "wondered" what the status was of the banana bread "bake-off" as it had been a month since Sinclair first announced he'd be selling his banana bread and awarding prizes.

The June 18 press conference scheduled at the National Press Club isn't the first time Sinclair claimed he was about to smooze with the Main Stream Media. Sinclair had traveled to D.C. the week before last, on his "donations" dime, in the guise of "confronting" the D.N.C. Rules Committee. On  his site he claimed that Montgomery Sibley would be "handing" out fliers announcing the logistics of when and where Sinclair would be having a press conference that failed to materialize. Instead Sinclair, who published his expenses from the trip to D.C., stayed at a ritzy hotel to the tune of 500 hundred bucks, or 50 loaves of banana bread per night.

Sinclair then announced that he had scheduled a bonafide press conference slated for June 18th at the NPC and that the Sinclair coffers needed refilling. What seems unclear is whether those that bought Sinclair's banana bread or sent in cash have received their own invitations. In the meantime, people who have questions are directed at Sinclair's website to contact the "law offices of Montgomery Blair Sibley" in Washington, D.C.. That's right, the very same Montgomery Blair Sibley who has been suspended from practicing law.

While Sinclair continues to refer to Sibley as his attorney he also claims that his status as wanted felon by the Pueblo County Sheriff's office in Colorado has no bearing on his "case" against Obama. Never mind that Sinclair, an ex-con, has never admitted what he was convicted and sentenced to prison for. What he has admitted to was dealing large quantities of illegal drugs while on parole during the time he claims he allegedly met Obama. 

On the Felony Fraud charge out of Colorado Sinclair was accused of depositing someone else's money, $14,000, into his own bank accounts. Sinclair published his "motion to dismiss", a rambling discourse to the judge, where Sinclair claimed the bank accounts were set up for "laundering drug money" and that the monies were"owed" to him. Sinclair claimed that because he's "in contact" with the District Attoney's office, something which has yet to be verified, that this somehow negates the fact that he's listed as a wanted felon on the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office "Most Wanted" website. In the interim Sinclair continues to solicit funds on his website.

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