Sunday, June 8, 2008

NASCAR: What NASCAR Flags Mean

Pixelaneous #46

What do all the flags mean you see at a NASCAR race?

Most hard-core fans know, but even the most rabid NASCAR fans may not know every single flag's meaning. Do you know them all?


They're off!
* Start the race, or Re-start after a caution period.


Be careful!
* Drive with caution and drivers maintain position.

...or this might happen, which will lead to the


Too late!
* Stop! The race is halted for unsafe condition.

If your driver was reckless and caused the red, he might get the


You're Outta here!
* Go immediately to the pit area.

BLUE with ORANGE diagonal stripe:

Move over!
* Car attempting to pass. Move to the outside.

[seen below with the green]

One lap left!
* Beginning of the last lap, or service vehicle on track.

And finally, if you are leading when you cross the finish line of the final lap:


The winner!
* The race has been completed.

If you win the checkered, it used to mean scenes like this:

Nowadays, it usually means something like this:

Did you know all of them?

[NOTE: Crossed flags mean the halfway point in the race has been reached. And that's a big hat tip reminder to Dr. Bob!]

by Mondoreb


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