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Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair: Attorney Sibley Suspended by Bar in D.C.

Save Larry Sinclair, Save the planet!

DBKP has been following the Larry Sinclair saga, the man who has staunchly accused Senator Obama of meeting him for illegal drug and sex trysts in Chicago and Gurnee, Illinois back in November of 1999 and now the murder of gay choirmaster Donald Young in Chicago.

Sinclair had announced on his website that he was going to Washington, D.C., last week to confront the D.N.C.'s Rules Committee and that his attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, who has offices in Florida and D.C., would be handling a Sinclair press conference scheduled for last Friday. 

We find this surprising as on May 9 the District of Columbia Court of Appeals had ruled to suspend Sibley's D.C. license. Either Sibley is still practicing law despite being suspended or Sinclair has failed to mention that his attorney latest status.

Sinclair's website mentions in a post dated Friday May 30 that Sinclair will be available for the "media" along with "my attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley in Washington, D.C.".  Sinclair writes that a "press conference" will be held that afternoon with the location "being sent to media by Mr. Sibley".

A cursory check of Sinclair's website shows no other mention of the purported press conference other than Sinclair stating that he's being "threatened once again with arrest by the Obama supporters".

Despite Sinclair's claim of imminent arrest, Sinclair later posts photos of his shaking hands with black Congressman John Conyers whom he later misnames as meeting with black Congressman Charles Rangel of New York. There's a photo of Lanny Davis along with an "undercover" video of his attempts to get the attention of the D.N.C. to "answer" his questions. Sinclair believes that the D.N.C. "owes" him an explanation as to why his accusations leveled against Senator Obama last fall, of cocaine, gay sex, and a rented limo in Chicago back in 1999 are not being addressed.

Sinclair has been busy raising money (donations) to fund his legal endeavors. He's suing three anonymous posters for calling him names over at the Democratic Underground for $3 million. Sinclair claims his reputation has been harmed and that evidently the amount of $3 million should help to alleviate the pain and suffering he's had to endure from 3 posters commenting on a forum. This is where attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley comes in.

Sinclair filed his first lawsuit in Minnesota at the Federal Court. Written by Sinclair, who claims he has a degree in law but hasn't had the chance to pass the bar, the suit alleged that Obama, David Axelrod, and the D.N.C. conspired to silence Sinclair and his First Amendment right to free speech. The suit was immediately struck down with the judge ruling that Sinclair had failed to provide one shred of evidence supporting his claims nor did Sinclair cite any case relevant to his claims.

A second suit was filed in D.C. against the three anonymous posters with Sibley representing Sinclair. The suit is still ongoing but Sibley's status has been in question since it was reported that he had been suspended in Florida and in a reciprocal state, D.C., where Sibley represented Sinclair and his suit.

DBKP reported that Sibley had been suspended by the Florida bar and that his D.C. license would suffer the same consequence as his license to practice in D.C. was based on reciprocity. Sinclair immediately denied that Sibley had been suspended in D.C.. He also continued to refer his website base to Sibley as his legal representative. This link to the Florida Bar's ruling on March 7, shows that Sibley has been suspended from practicing law in Florida for a period of three years.

Sinclair immediately responded to his followers on his website claiming that Sibley was still eligible to practice law in D.C., that it had no bearing on his case. In fact, the commenters on Sinclair's website are to this day, referring legal questions to Sibley, posting info on how to contact Sibley's office in D.C..

Sinclair posted as recently as last Friday that Sibley would be in D.C. with Sinclair at a press conference, that Sibley was handling the details. And yet the District of Columbia Court of Appeals did suspend Sibley from practice on May 12. Sinclair has yet to publish this fact on his website nor has he explained about the purported press conference, what happened to it, or the "announcement" he planned to make.

Sinclair's Surprise Announcement (We're Still Waiting)

Sinclair wrote on his website that he had a "surprise" announcement that he was going to make on 5-28-08. That date has come and gone and yet still no surprise announcement. The only surprise being Sinclair's supporters who still send in "donations" and "believe" in Sinclair's assertions, that he's being "persecuted" by Obama followers. Sinclair has dangled what people believe is a key piece of "evidence" in his accusations, the "name" of the driver of the limo Sinclair claims he rented. Evidently those who "believe" in Sinclair's story weren't around when Sinclair "named" the limo driver in his earlier internet days while posting on Youtube.

Sinclair's Core Constituency 

Sinclair's base consists of posters who have taken Sinclair's claims at face value even though Sinclair has systematically failed to back them up with proof. They've ignored the fact that their "man", Sinclair, still has an outstanding warrant for arrest in the state of Colorado, and instead take Sinclair's explanation at face value. That he's been back to the state, end of case.

Yet his own Motion to Dismiss contains key info pertaining to Sinclair's life during the period of Sinclair's claims that he met up with Senator Obama. Sinclair has admitted he was picked up for arrest on November 8, the day he purportedly traveled back from Minnesota, but that his arrest was because he'd left a message on his Parole Officer's answering machine. This is a different criminal matter not relating to the Colorado warrant. Sinclair admits on his website that his was on parole from prison when the arrest occurred on Nov. 8, 1999.  Sinclair's motion to dismiss the Colorado warrant, a different matter than the parole violation, gives a rambling defense as to why the state should drop the matter and what really happened: according to Sinclair.

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