Monday, June 16, 2008

Sweden: Sex and Swingers in the Land of the Midnight Sun

So What Gives With Sweden?

Wandering through The Local, Sweden's News In English, (The Local), sharp DBKP researchers and bottom feeders of interesting news, find the following grouping of headlines.

. Handcuffed Lovers Freed By Police
Whoa. Not wanting to pry, but being compelled by professional responsibility to review the stories, we find that the country of a mere nine million people and no indigenous population growth to speak of ( relying upon Muslim immigrants for real babies), seem to have a rather energetic bent towards the unusual.

In the first story for instance, we learn that ..."The couple called the police after their sex game had left them in a tricky situation as their keys failed to open their handcuffs and they were left locked to each each other.

Police needed the help of bolt-cutters to pry the pair apart."

Cell Phone Finger Cuffs: so you can call for help.

OK, accidents like that can happen to anybody. I mean, it is not like, in the heat of the moment, one would actually check to see if the keys to the cuffs fit before trying them on. It is not as if the overheated couple would actually ask the store clerk to put them on first.

Easy come, easy go.

But, "There was a further man in the apartment when the police arrived. He had been trying to help the couple out of their bind, but had been unable to force the handcuffs open. " Now that is disturbing.

You are having your neighborhood threesome, and the totally unnecessary third wheel to this bike, can't go get a pair of damn bolt-cutters so you don't end up on the front page of a national newspaper.

Third Wheel

Then there are the Kinky Swedish Mums who Want More Sex. This rather shocking article makes it clear that Swedish mums seem to be a bit sex-starved.

"Apparently, 43 percent of mums under the age of 29 own a dildo and almost 28 percent of those questioned in the Mama survey have checked out online porn.
... 39 percent of the Swedish mums surveyed have had anal sex and 23 percent fantasize about other men or women during sexual intercourse. 37 percent of the younger mums (under age 29) have had lesbian fantasies. 2 percent have had group sex and 23 percent of mums under the age of 29 use handcuffs as part of sex play."

(Note, check out key first).

Not to be crass, but this explains in extreme detail why Sweden has a population growth rate--including immigration--of 1%: 50% less than that needed for sustaining their population. This is half of that of their American cousins, who apparently know that those forms of sex are going to bring that stork home.

No more than the mom who French-kissed her son--and had him breast feeding a 6 year old. All a misunderstanding there, mate. As the mom said:

“Is it not allowed to give children some love without the risk of [going to court].”

All in unison! Ewwwwww.

Speaking of Ewwww:

"More teenage girls than boys have had sex with someone of the same gender", according to a new dissertation from the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg.

The result comes as no surprise to the researcher, midwife Gun Rembeck, who works at the primary care clinic in southern Älvsborg.

“I work at the youth health centre and asked the staff there what they thought before I told them about the results. They answered right away that there are more girls,” she said.

“It was 6.1 percent of the girls who answered that they had had sex with someone of the same gender, while 1.7 percent of boys said the same thing,” Rembeck explained."

Now we are talking shortfall here.

Like a serious shortfall for the boys who have a rate of homosexuality a bit below that found in most international studies, 2%,( not the 10% frequently quoted by the Mainstream Media or the 50% according to Hollywood). But to see the best girls get swept away by the kinky mums of Sweden, that hurts.

Now that hurts.

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