Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Texas Judge Ordered Courtroom Spankings

In what could be considered bizarre behavior by a Texas judge, a Los Fresnos, Texas, family has taken the matter to court, civil court that is, to bar the judge from ordering further courtroom spankings and to have the judge permanently removed from the bench.

A Cameron County Justice of the Peace is accused of ordering a man to spank his 14-yr-old stepdaughter in court in the front of judge. The man was also ordered to use a heavy wooden paddle that the parents of the 14-yr-old allege was fashioned out of a piece of 2X4 lumber.

The mother and stepfather have sued the judge in civil court. They've asked the state district court to order Justice of the Peace Gustavo "Gus" Garza to cease and desist with the spankings and they've also asked that Gustavo be removed from the bench.

The girl was charged with skipping school. The judge ordered the girl's stepfather to "spank" the girl or she would face jail time and a $500 fine. The stepfather claims he felt he had no choice but to obey the judge's order and spanked the girl in court in front of the judge. After the spanking the judge allegedly told the man that he "hadn't spanked her hard enough".

How is it that a judge can get away with what may be considered corporal or physcial punishment of a minor in a courtroom?

We did some research as to what guidelines are provided for Texas Justice of the Peace, in other words, what they are allowed to do in cases such as kids who cut classes.

No where in the guidelines of the Justice of the Peace Manual did spanking enter the picture:

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