Saturday, July 19, 2008

Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media Fawning Fest

Obamas Excellent Adventure

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"John McCain has taken three foreign trips in the past four months, all unaccompanied by a single network anchor."
--Howard Kurtz, Washington Post

If anyone needed any proof that the Mainstream Media is the PR wing of the Democrat Party, they need look no further than Barack Obama's Excellent Adventure. Obama is being attended to by the breathless anchors of ABC, NBC and CBS News.

The three network anchors will travel to Europe and the Middle East next week for Barack Obama's trip, adding their high-wattage spotlight to what is already shaping up as a major media extravaganza.

Lured by an offer of interviews with the Democratic presidential candidate, Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric will make the overseas trek, meaning that the NBC, ABC and CBS evening newscasts will originate from stops along the route and undoubtedly give it big play....The plan is for Williams, Gibson and Couric interviews to be parceled out on successive nights in different countries, giving each anchor a one-day exclusive.

What about the Republican candidate, John McCain's foreign trips?

Well, McCain--regardless of how hard he tries to win the respect of his buddies in the press corps--doesn't have the "D" after his name, so he gets no anchor coverage on his trips.

"John McCain has taken three foreign trips in the past four months, all unaccompanied by a single network anchor....When McCain visited Britain, France and Israel in March and met with their leaders, no network anchors tagged along. NBC and ABC sent correspondents; CBS did not. None of the evening newscasts covered his trip to Canada last month. And McCain's swing through Colombia and Mexico two weeks ago was barely covered, although NBC and ABC sent correspondents."
--Howard Kurtz, Washington Post

Isn't everyone--except McCain--a winner here?

After all, Obama gets to pretend his trip gives him "foreign policy experience", the Evening News anchors get to pretend that they're covering real news, instead of a campaign-manufactured event, and the Mainstream Media gets to pretend that they're an unbiased news source.

The only losers are those few people who still think that the Mainstream Media serves up news instead of public relations pieces for the Democrat Party.

[For a rant by MSNBC News President Phil Griffin about Fox News, see MSNBC prez on Fox News: "You can't trust a word they say". It's an amusing look into how the Mainstream Media see themselves.]

All of the left-wing components of the Mainstream Media are facing tough times: layoffs, falling stock prices, downsizing. In none of the press releases accompanying these announcements, has there been one mention of the root causes of these gloomy happenings; i.e., the Mainstream Media continues to peddle a product that few are buying these days.

Liberalism and socialism, to be exact.

Again, if any proof is needed, Exhibit A is Obama's Excellent Adventure.

by Mondoreb
image/idea: RidesAPaleHorse
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