Friday, July 25, 2008

John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child: Enquirer Reporters File Criminal Charges

Enquirer Reporters File Criminal Charges
Hotel Security Interfered with Questioning Edwards

Brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

Two reporters from the National Enquirer, Alan Butterfield and Alexander Hitchen, have filed a criminal complaint with the Beverly Hills Police Department against the Beverly Hilton's hotel security for unlawfully keeping the reporters from questioning Edwards during the events at the hotel.

NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporters Alan Butterfield and Alexander Hitchen filed a criminal complaint with the Beverly Hills Police Department on Thursday, July 25, charging that hotel security acted unlawfully while the reporters were trying to question the former senator.

Now over 40 DBKP stories and growing:

The Enquirer notes--no doubt with some satisfaction:

Edwards now could be contacted by police to give an eyewitness account of what occurred.

The twist in a story that has had many twists: the Enquirer reporters were registered guests at the hotel--and Edwards was not.

Hotel security tried to stop the reporters from questioning Edwards in the basement of the hotel at approximately 2:40 a.m. Tuesday, July 22 after Edwards came off an elevator and appeared to be attempting to leave the hotel unseen.

The security detail intervened while the reporters were attempting to question Edwards and, according to the Enquirer, "not only did one security guard threaten to break their camera but that security also violated several statutes of the California Penal Code, including false imprisonment and preventing a guest from entering land."

The Enquirer also stated that "Police recorded the criminal complaint and will turn it over to detectives."

It's been speculated and rumored that the entire escapade was caught on the hotel's security video surveillance system, which is obviously now, evidence in a criminal complaint. Much harder for it to "disappear" now.

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Finally, Edwards will have to go on the record--the police will not take an attack on the Enquirer as an answer to their questions. It's sad when the police have to fulfill the role of the supposedly "adversarial press".

Will this excite any interest among the MSM gatekeepers?

Perhaps--but doubtful.

But that doesn't make the filing of the charges any less inspired.

by Mondoreb
Image: National Enquirer

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