Thursday, August 28, 2008

DBKP at One Year: Schedule of Coming Stories

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Blatant Plug Dept.

We're celebrating DBKP's one-year anniversary today, August 28, all through the next several days.

Besides the articles we've already published below, we're be releasing others during the next several days.


* Lindsay Lohan and Other Marilyn Monroe ‘Posers’
* The Day Calvin and Hobbes Died
* DBKP’s First Anniversary Edition: The Kissing Thrill-Seekers
* DBKP Celebrates First Anniversary: Truck Monkey Revisited
* DBKP One-Year Anniversary: Top Ten Most Popular Stories


* Big Days and Milestones
* Greatest Hits
* Top Videos

We were going to try and condense everything into today, but real-life events intruded--so we'll be dropping two or three articles through the weekend.

Thanks to all you readers!

You made it possible.

by Mondoreb
image: dbkp file

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