Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John Edwards Affair: Andrew Baron the Weak Link?

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Andrew Baron: "Loose Lips Sink Ships"

Is Andrew Baron the soft spot in the John Edwards' Scandal?

Andrew is the son of multimillionaire trial attorney, Fred Baron, the Edwards' money man who has provided aid, comfort and moolah to Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter. Baron has also provided the same to Edwards' operative, Andrew Young.

[Background information: access over 100 DBKP stories on the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair, scandal and cover-up: John Edwards Love Child Scandal Library.]

According to Wikipedia: "Rocketboom is a daily vlog produced by Andrew Baron. It was launched on October 26, 2004, and was hosted by Amanda Congdon, until she left on July 5, 2006. Joanne Colan began hosting on July 12, 2006."

A real find at Deceiver, "
Could Rocketboom Blow Up What’s Left of John Edwards?

Loren Feldman is a tech blogger of some repute, apparently. Valleywag refers to him as “the Don Imus of Silicon Valley,” which may or may not be a compliment. Feldman, who’s not known for mincing words — I’m not sure what he is known for, but it’s not that — now has some free advice for Fred Baron. As you’ll recall, Baron is the former finance chair for the John Edwards campaign and, coincidentally, current benefactor of Rielle Hunter:

Of course, readers had best set their web surfboards to "hyperdrive"--lot of stuff that concerns John Edwards, Rielle Hunter and Fred Baron have a habit of disappearing, due to the continuing efforts of the Scandal Scrub Squad. Deceiver says this information is no different.

Those interested in the "historical record" are advised to screenshot everything they may wish to refer to later.

Another public service from Deceiver.

According to Podcasting News, Exclusive: Andrew Baron On Rocketboom’s 7-Figure Deal With Sony, Andrew just signed a big deal with Sony.

Rocketboom has announced a big distribution and advertising deal with Sony Pictures, giving the daily video blog exposure and promotion across all of Sony’s IP universe: via PS/3, Bravia TV and Crackle.

Which should come in handy: Father Fred has sued his son over the $800,000 he loaded Andrew to help get Rocketboom off the ground.

Will Andrew Baron prove to be the "weakest link"? As in all things about the John Edwards' scandal, Time will Tell.

by Mondoreb
image: gawker; wikipedia

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