Friday, August 15, 2008

John Edwards Affair: Some Silly Edwards News, Before Scandal Turns Serious Soon

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John Edwards Scandal News
TV Movie Parts, Gary Pearce, 3 Stooges, Fred Baron Blurbs, Mickey Kaus, Kathy G, and Faith

"This is NOT my baby!" [photo: DougRoss@Journal]

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy."

It's going to get serious in the immediate future for all involved in the John Edwards Love Child Scandal: Rielle Hunter, Andrew Young, Fred Baron, and of course, John Edwards himself. So, before it does, we thought we'd present this collection of odd and ends in the John Edwards Scandal.

Deceptive Nuggets

Deceiver has bits and pieces--but what nuggets they are!

That Moneyed Fred Baron Is in a Fix* contains a quick view of Edwards' Big Wallet, Fred Baron.

The New York Times has a story just out that has Baron bobbing and weaving, while spewing words that would make Bill Murray in Wild Orchids proud. (It's after this item.)

We bring this up because tagged onto the end of the Deceiver piece, Simon Scowl posed the question of who might play the role of Edwards' sacrificial lamb friend and former campaign worker, Andrew Young in the movie. Young is above left--a likely candidate for the movie is on the right.


[Background information: Access almost 90 DBKP John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Scandal stories since December: John Edwards Love Child Scandal library.]

Fred Baron Forgets to Order Memorite

Fred Baron is asked more questions about the money trail in the Edwards scandal and seems to remember something about about someone sometime. And just exactly how did Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young procure the high-priced legal help that issued their infamous December denials claiming Frances Quinn Hunter was a joint effort between the two? From Lawyers' Ties in Edwards Case Suggest Extent of Hiding Affair:

On Wednesday, Mr. Baron said he might have directed Ms. Hunter to Mr. Gordon.

"I have this recollection of somebody asking me for lawyers in New York, and I remember naming three or four, and he must have been one of them," Mr. Baron said. Referring to Ms. Hunter, he added, "It was either her who called or somebody on her behalf."

And how did Andrew Young's legal representation in December come about?

"I remember getting a call from Pam and her telling me that she was representing him," Mr. Baron said. "I may have sent him over there, but on the other hand I may not have. I don't have an accurate recollection."

Sounds like Baron forgot something else--like his Memorite.

The Scoop From Snoop at Political Party Poop

Snoop at Political Party Poop has resurrected a post from April 2007: John Edwards Cynically Exploits His Wife’s Cancer To Get Fund Raising Emails.

Short and sweet and a reminder all politicians have no shame--and Edwards was a politician. As anyone who's visited PPP knows, there's so many hilarious things there, you won't know where to begin. We'd suggest Obama...Fame... and Blog Watch: Time to Clean out the Gene Pool.

Gary Pearce Wants to Give Edwards the 'Niagara Falls' Treatment

Gary Pearce, the Democratic strategist who ran John Edwards 1998 Senate race, isn't at all pleased with his former client. Pearce most probably believed Edwards--before a crush of Enquirer facts forced Edwards to a new defensive perimeter.

One almost can hear him join the Three Stooges as they performed their "Niagara Falls, slowly I turned..." routine.

Edwards even continued disparaging “supermarket tabloids.”

Earth to John: The National Enquirer now officially has more credibility than you do.

He said we can’t beat him up more than he’s beat himself up. Well, we’ll sure try.

By comparison, Richard Nixon’s Checkers speech was Churchillian in its dignity and honesty.

It’s not clear who gets the gold medal for biggest phony Friday night: Edwards or the Chinese who organized the Olympics’ opening ceremony.

Edwards’ performance in the interview was a disaster from the start. Woodruff hit him head-on: Did you have an affair?

Instead of saying “yes,” Edwards smiled and thanked Bob for coming by. He did everything but welcome Bob to his lovely home.

But wait! There's more... at the The Verdict is In].

We Made the Headlines!

And it was at Ace of Spades HQ, not the MSM!

On the left sidebar, under "Headlines", Hmmm...; Pseudonymous Wikipedia Editor with Great Interest in Rielle Hunter's Bio Seems to Know a Lot about the Limited Movie Career of Rielle Hunter, as Well as Unpublicized Facts about Hunter's Family

John Edwards, You Gotta Have Faith

Doug Ross: Faith Guiding our Votes

More Like The B-spot

Kathy G. sounded a bit bitter about Mickey Kaus bringing up the John Edwards scandal--at any point.

A Gentle Reader asks:

So when's Kathy going to apologize to Mickey Kaus?

Here's what I say to that: Mickey Kaus can kiss my royal Irish ass.

I said that the story about Edwards was dubious, but I never said that it wasn't or couldn't be true. However, I did argue that Kaus's obsession with it was bizarre and unseemly, which it was and is.

Kathy G. ends up with this observation: "The only thing it could do was to hurt and publicly humiliate Elizabeth Edwards and her two young children -- and I think you'll agree that that family has enough on its plate as it is. The only people clamoring for this to go public were heartless, vicious assholes like Kaus."

She then invites Kaus to partake of her left one.

Kathy G's really gonna be bitter with all the speculation that Elizabeth Edwards may have been an accomplice.

Guess Kathy G will get the right one ready at that point.

And when we publish a photo that we just received from a reader [and one would guess former Edwards supporter] later this morning?


I guess we'll get ready for the double whammy?

by Mondoreb

images: deceiver; michelemiller

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