Monday, August 4, 2008

John Edwards Scandal: June 2007 Eventful Month for Edwards

June 7, 2007

John Edwards Accepts "Father of the Year" Award

Mid-June 2007

John Edwards Renews His Wedding Vows by providing pictures to People magazine and Good Morning America.

May-June 2007

"...rather ironic that John Edwards was at a New York Sheraton for a luncheon on 6/7/07 to receive a "Father of the Year" award given out by "The National Father's Day Committee". I know that it has been reported that Rielle Hunter had been living at the time of this luncheon in the New York City vicinity and it is interesting that, assuming her child Frances Quinn was a full-term baby, that the date Rielle conceived would have been right around 6/7/07."
--DBKP Reader K.F.

by Mondoreb

Images: People ; brendatate

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