Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama Supporters Protest at PA McCain-Palin Rally

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Popular Slogans: "Viagra", "Birth Control", Reproductive Rights"
Steelworkers Protest Palin
Palin's Husband, Todd, is a Steelworker

The road to the John McCain-Sarah Palin rally contained a couple dozen Obama supporters.

McCain-Palin supporters parked in a mall parking lot about a half-mile away and walked up the hill to Consol Energy Field, home of the minor league baseball team, The Wild Things.

On the way, those on their way to the rally trudged past 15-25 protesters: Obama supporters, women's reproductive rights advocates and a few Steelworkers for Obama.

Several of the same organizations protesting supported both Bill Clinton and John Edwards. Both Clinton and Edwards are famous supporters of women's rights.

Running the gamut.

Some of the sign-wavers seemed to be there for the party, including one who apparently confused McCain with 1996 Republican nominee, Bob Dole. Dole was a spokesman for Viagra.

The Steelworkers Union had previously endorsed John Edwards. Like many Edwards' trial lawyer backers and bundlers, they have switched their allegiance to Barack Obama.

Union brotherhood only goes so far: Palin's husband is a member of the United Steelworkers Union. Barack Obama is not a member of any union, although the Rev. Jeramiah Wright, pastor of Obama's Trinity Church, was enrolled at Virginia Union University, in Richmond VA in 1959.

Protect Women's Rights: become an Obama Girl!

A look back at the plucky protesters. One shot that didn't come out: two unnamed young women on their way to the stadium greeting the protesters with the one-fingered salute.

by Mondoreb

images: DBKP

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