Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rocketboom and Peggy Noonan Two-fer

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can't make two different items fit in the same post.

Unless you offer a Two-fer.


From AllahPundit, Hot Air, "Video: Peggy Noonan salutes MSNBC’s “fatuous suck-upping” … on MSNBC":

After you’re done here, go watch the clip at Olby Watch of our straight-down-the-middle modern-day Murrow urging an AP writer on air last night to “find new work” after he committed the grievous sin of not soiling his pants over Barack Obama’s speech. Remember, Olby’s always at pains to stress how his role as opinionated nutroots vlogger on “Countdown” is very different from his role as unbiased anchorthing when covering election events. See how different he sounds to you.

Peggy Noonan two-fer below: she rips Olbermann and has her fellows in stitches--all with the same comments.


Deceiver Gets FAN MAIL from ANDREW BARON

Deceiver ran a post called "How Much Does it Take to make a Rocketboom?". It chronicled the madcap adventures of John Edwards' moneyman, Fred Baron's son, Andrew and his vblog, Rocketboom.

Simon, at Deceiver, then received the following from Andrew Baron:

I appreciate that we live in a world with checks and balances but it seems like the author of this blog is either on crack or working for Republican extremists.

Simon replied, "As if they’re mutually exclusive!"

The plot thickens daily.

by Mondoreb
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