Thursday, September 18, 2008

An American Carol: Movie Makes Fun of Michael Moore, Liberals

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An American Carol: Two Video Trailers

A conservative movie?

From Hollywood?

Is this a joke?

It's not often--ever?--that a Hollywood movie makes fun of socialized health care, Michael Moore and most things Liberals hold dear.

But An American Carol, a new movie from David Zucker, "the master of questionable taste" (Airplane!, The Naked Gun, Scary Movie 3 and 4) does all of these and more.
In An American Carol, Kevin Farley (Monk, Curb Your Enthusiasm) plays Michael Malone, an infamous “Hollywood” filmmaker who’s made a career out of criticizing America. When his newest crusade becomes an Ebenezer Scrooge-esque “Bah, humbug!” to abolish the Fourth of July holiday, he is visited by three spirits from America’s past who rise up to show him the error of his ways. In this outrageous and totally irreverent political satire, Malone has to confront the true effects of his films on the world around him while discovering the true meaning of America and what it stands for.

[ABOVE: Jon Voight, as George Washington, and Kelsey Grammer, as Gen. George S. Patton, are two of the three spirits that visit film maker, Michael Malone, during the night of July 4, in the upcoming comedy, An American Carol.]

Perhaps mindful that the film will not get talked up much in the MSM, the film's producers are trying a new-but-risky tactic: they are trying to inform potential theater attendees of the movie by using the Right Blogosphere.

The move is risky because one remembers a movie that got tremendous "buzz" online, but fizzled when it came time for movie-goers to pony up for a ticket: Snakes on a Plane.

Packed with Zucker’s trademark visual gags and verbal comedy, prepare yourself to laugh at the expense of people in Hollywood, Washington, D.C., and everyone in between.

In addition to Kevin Farley, the movie stars Kelsey Grammer, Zucker mainstay Leslie Neilsen, country music star Trace Adkins, Dennis Hopper, James Woods, Robert Davi, Geoffrey Arend, Serdar Kalsin and Jon Voight.

Now, this is a Hollywood film taking a risk: slapping Michael Moore and his views up alongside the head.

Any bets on what the odds of it receiving any Oscar nominations?

Will audiences go see it?

Will people hear about it to make that decision?

The movie debuts in theaters nationwide on October 3 with the slogan, "Be Heard on October 3rd".

Guess we'll know more about the box office success of a conservative movie on October 6.

by Mondo

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