Monday, September 1, 2008

Hillary Bumper Stickers Mean Trouble for Obama

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Automotive Shorthand for "Obama's Troubles"

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A car was spotted in the parking lot at the rally Saturday in Washington, PA for John McCain-Sarah Palin. Actually, it was the bumper which caught our attention.

We realize that one bumper does not speak for any group, but we found this one interesting.

One bumper, four bumper stickers: it seems to show the progression of how, at least one Democrat, arrived at their current political position.

Bumper stickers are snippets of thought, a snapshot of how the person applying the sticker felt about an issue at the time.

With that in mind, the car above may be likened to a political photo album.

The Obama campaign has to hope that such collections, as displayed on the bumper above, are limited.

IF not, Obama-Biden may end up alongside such losing Democrat combinations as Mondale-Ferraro, Dukasis-Bentsen and Kerry-Edwards.

by Mondoreb

images: DBKP

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