Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Joe Biden: Dump Biden Rumors Swirl Amid Obama's Dipping Poll Numbers

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Bye Bye Biden?
Obama Biden His Time?

As the Democrat ticket experiences the turbulence of campaigning in the country at large, rumors are flying that Joe Biden will soon be dumped.

JoshuaPundit asks, "Biden to Leave the Ticket??"

The way it's supposedly going down is that sometime after October 5th Biden will step down from being Obama's running mate because of 'health reasons'and Hillary will come on the ticket. The reason for the October 5th date is the VP debate on October 2nd, which Biden will handle either because Hillary wouldn't have sufficient time to prep or simply refused..and anyway, they want Hillary to be an October surprise and try to pull things out at the last minute.

Say Anything's Rob has also heard the "Dump Biden" talk.

Apparently there’s some buzz about Joe Biden possibly resigning from the Presidential race (or Obama giving him the boot from his ticket, depending on how you see it). Is that what’s going to happen?

I don’t think so.

InstaPundit, Glenn Reynolds, says of the "Dump Biden" rumors, "Don't see it happening myself, but obviously some people do."

InstaPundit reader Jim Beam thinks the rumors may have some substance, however:

"Get ready for Obama to pull a Torrecelii/Lautenberg switcheroo. There are waaay too many rumors, trial balloons, and headfakes going around for this to not have substance behind it.

Have your responses prepared. Whatever "narrative" they concoct for the switch, it's obvious that they're doing it only because The Anointed One is behind in the polls. It destroys Obama's claim of judgment being his prime qualification, trust of the voters and convention delegates, and his claim to experience in running a successful campaign."

But reader Mike J. at Hennesey's View, isn't buying the Biden-for-Hillary switcheroo.

There are other factors that mitigate against Hillary moving onto the ticket:

–Obama’s followers HATE her with a passion. He could easily lose more votes than attract by picking Hillary. There are also lots of media types that despise her. Obama allying with Hillary might be too much to swallow.

–Obama cannot stand to be overshadowed by anyone. While McCain is perfectly comfortable in the presence of a charismatic politician like Sarah Palin, Obama is not. It doesn’t help that it does not take much to overshadow Obama.

–The Democratic Party has resolved this would be the year in which the Clintonistas are purged from the party. The move of the DNC to Chicago was almost entirely due to the desire to purge the party operation of Clinton appointees.

Ace says the Biden pick highlighted what kind of 'experience' Obama has in making crucial decisions.

Barack Obama’s judgment was that Joe Biden was the best possible vice presidential candidate.

Joe Biden says he’s wrong. This was Obama’s first major decision as a would-be president.

He got it wrong.

We agree with Allahpundit: "Even more serious question: If Obama’s imploding, why would Hillary agree to come aboard? Better to let McCain finish him off and then skip to the nomination in 2012."

Will Joe Biden be dumped for Hillary Clinton?

Will this help the Democrat ticket?

We'll let Joe Biden plead Hillary's case: "She is easily qualified to be vice president of the United States of America and quite frankly it might have been a better pick than me, but she is first-rate. I mean that sincerely."

Lastly, we'll revisit an interesting quote from our June article, "Astrologer’s Presidential Election Predictions Troubling".

The astrologers looked at the planetary circumstances surrounding election day, how it had been 45 years since the last time Saturn opposed Uranus, which could portend “social change, transformation, and possibly upheaval”.

“With Saturn opposite Uranus on Election Day, the person elected on Election Day may not be the person who’s inaugurated in January.” Raymond Merriman, Astrologer.

Could part of the "tranformation" and "upheaval" mentioned above be Joe Biden jumping from the ticket?

Time will tell.

by Mondoreb
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