Saturday, September 20, 2008

John Edwards Affair: Light, Action, Swingers, Camera, Movies!

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John Edwards Affair
Love Child Scandal and/or Cover-up News:

* Swingers in the Edwards' Cover-up?
* That Might Explain Rielle Hunter, Andrew and Cheri Young Living Arrangements
* John Edwards as Rock Star
* Rielle Hunter to Produce Hollywood Movie?
* Movie Used as Money Conduit or Gag?
* John Edwards Has the Best of Both Worlds

We're on the road checking out rumors of a different nature for a story Sunday, so we've gathered bits and pieces from the John Edwards Affair/Scandal/Cover-up and mixed them all together in no particular order.

What's rumor and what's the cold-hard truth?

As always, what is known is presented, as is what is being guessed or whispered about.

The readers, as always, can then make up their own minds.

* SWINGERS CLUB Close to Edwards' Campaign HQ?

According to Mo, at Morons in Chapel Hill, "Is There A Swinger's Club Based At Southern Village?

Fresh from the rumor mill: A swingers group or club in or around Southern Village is having trouble with a member or couple who have decided to expose the groups activities. This group (if it exists at all) has flown under the radar for several years and has had participants travel from as far away as California to join in "events" sponsored by this group. Even more interesting is that there is a possibility that someone with genuine political connections is involved with the group.

The story adds that there's no confirmation, but that, "There is or was a polyamory group in Durham that often advertised in the Independent. There are separate bondage groups based in Raleigh and Winston Salem, so a swingers group in Chapel Hill would not be a big surprise."

Of course, this may or may not have anything to do with the John Edwards scandal.


It might explain--if true--why the unusual living arrangements of Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young and his wife, Cheri, didn't seem so unusual to those involved in the madcap coverup.

As LBG noted back in December--when Rielle Hunter, Edwards' mistress and supposedly pregnant with Andrew Young's baby, moved right down the street from Andrew and Cheri Young--in "Rielle Hunter: Kept Woman":

Former Edwards campaign Director of Operations, Andrew Young, gives Open Marriage advocates something to cheer about.

The 41-year-old former “North Carolina Finance Director” of the Edwards campaign has stepped forward and not only claimed the “alleged” love child of John Edwards as his but has also moved his six months pregnant mistress, Reille Hunter, into the same multi-million dollar gated community as his own wife and children.

No word from Young’s wife on how well she’s adjusted to the new neighbor, the ‘other’ woman and the impending “bundle of joy.”

According to the National Enquirer, the bald headed stepchild of the MSM, an unnamed source claims Young, and his ‘first’ family, his legally married wife and legitimate children, had dinner with his pregnant paramour in her newly acquired abode.

This was all before surrogate sugar daddy, Fred Baron, standing in for John Edwards, moved Rielle Hunter, sugar baby Frances Quinn Hunter, and Andrew Young, wife Cheri, and family to Santa Barbara--all into the same house as one big family family.

Who wrote the script for Edwards' and Baron's cover-up material: the Marx Brothers?

The only two groups of people in America that have believed the screwball cover-up antics of the Edwards' gang have been 1-foaming-at-the-mouth Edwards' supporters; and, 2-the Mainstream Media.


[ABOVE: Barack Obama isn't the only Democrat who rode the "rock star" meme during the 2008 campaign. John Edwards, from the photo above, also seemed to know his way around a mosh pit.]

Hunter in Malibu, says one gossip site:

...insist my beachy real estate moles who swear on their leased Mercedes guzzlers that Reille has landed in simply the most perf place for persecuted, peroxided types: Malibu.

A DBKP's comment by Love Lips on "John Edwards Affair: Rielle Hunter, the Bird in A Gilded Cage" remarked:

There are rumors in Hollywood that Rielle Hunter has told friends that she is writing for and will be a silent partner on a movie production done by the team that did FIghting Words to be financed solely by asbestos lawyers including Fred Baron.

"Fighting Words" was produced by another trial attorney, Robert Zaytoun of NC. Fortunate Son, at Deceiver, on the same story, "Elizabeth Edwards Feeds the Monster Whether She Likes It or Not" notes that, "Wake County lawyer Robert E. Zaytoun was John Edwards’ co-counsel in malpractice case(s)".

When Raleigh lawyer Robert Zaytoun was approached by one of his best friends to produce a movie, his first thought was, "That's a good way to lose money."

Might Hunter's film also be a good way to channel (lose) money?

We recall a conversation with Drew Carey in the 1990s when Carey related that "if you want to make a lot of money, shoot a movie pilot". Carey created, wrote, was executive producer for a time and directed, as well as starred in "The Drew Carey Show".

Might Hunter be involved in ways that could channel money for her performing, writing, producing and/or directing in a film project--regardless of whether the movie ever sees the light of day?

Might this also be a way of keeping Hunter--the one person who could surely blow the lid off of the Edwards' story--happy and quiet? Snoop-diggety-dang-dog thinks so.

"Perhaps that’s what Fred Baron’s ’slow-pitch’ movie deal for Rielle is all about? Keep her yap shut for 46 more days so this doesn’t become ‘an October surprise’."

Rielle Hunter will keep her yap shut until she realizes that she's been had by John Edwards and Fred Baron.

LBG nailed it: for now, she's a bird in a gilded cage.

Hunter doesn’t seem to realize that for Edwards to ever have a relationship with her he would have to admit he lied during his “confession” on ABC’s Nightline when he was supposed to be telling the country the truth.

Hunter doesn’t realize that Edwards will never forgive her for being the cause of his fall from public grace, no matter the degree of his own cupability.

Hunter doesn’t realize that having a baby with John Edwards doesn’t count, as he had four babies with his wife Elizabeth and he still cheated on her in the end.

Hunter doesn’t realize that, to the country, she will always be seen as a wanton woman, in it for the money, power, or fame, take your pick, courtesy of John Edwards and Fred Baron’s scheme to hide the relationship. In an attempt to salvage his own reputation, Edwards had Hunter’s viciously savaged as an opportunist willing to sleep with married men, an “extortionist” willing to use her baby for her own “ends”.


It's been reported that John Edwards has been kicked out of his palatial digs and lives apart from wife, Elizabeth at Figure Eight Island, NC.

If that is the case, then John Edwards has the best of all cover-up worlds. When on the phone to wife, Elizabeth, he could paint the best of times about their marriage. When on the phone to mistress, Rielle Hunter, he could paint the worst of times about his marriage.

It would be the supreme way to keep Rielle Hunter "on the hook" and quiet.

One source told us that Rielle doesn't think people "understand" the situation he and Edwards are in. At some point, Hunter will understand the situation--not she and John Edwards are in, but the situation that she's put Fred Baron in--and his trial lawyers investors and their millions upon millions of dollars investment in Edwards White House chances.

Meanwhile, the Edwards's strategy seems to be: evade the media--who was never inquisitive at all prior to August-- and let the public's short memory fade and he'll resurrect his political career.


* Among the phone conversations, emails, stories and comments we received this past week concerning John Edwards and Rielle Hunter:

--Hunter thought that Edwards had a big Schwanzstucker, according to one conversation.
--In another conversation, it was related that "she [Rielle Hunter] thought that he [John Edwards] was a great lover". Which prompted the question, "Why did she think that?" Which prompted the another reference to the Schwanzstucker.
--Elizabeth Edwards Feeds the Monster Whether She Likes It or Not
--Hunter was living off the kindness of friends and strangers until she struck trial lawyer paydirt in John Edwards. Before she was moved to the Governor's Club in Chapel Hill, Mimi Hockman was Hunter's source of lodging.

Quite a long step up from Mimi Hockman's NJ pad and Fred Baron's Malibu beachside accomodations, huh?

by Mondo

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