Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mainstream Media Sarah Palin Bias: Dog Bites Man Story

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Two More Examples of the Unbiased MSM:
Take the US magazine Bias Comparison Taste Test
New York Times: 3 Days, 67 Anti-Palin Articles

The Mainstream Media's favorite meme--other than Sarah Palin = AntiChrist--is that they are an unbiased news source. The anti-Palin MSM coverage is reaching frenzied heights--even for the MSM.

MSM bias is a 'dog bites man' story--to everyone but the perps in Big Media.

Hysience sums up the MSM 'reporting' on Sarah Palin with one image: the one pictured above. From Media Coverage of McCain/Palin:

In case you didn't know already, Us publisher Jann Wenner is a prominent Obama donor who also publishes Rolling Stone, which deified Obama in March. Michelle Malkin points out that "the use of the gossip rags to shape the election is all part and parcel of the Brangelina-fication of the Obamas that I wrote about earlier this summer. They are pulling out all the stops to glorify The One and demonize all who stand in his way.

Sixty-Seven and Counting...

Don Surber notes that once the New York Times gets a meme in its teeth, it doesn't let go:

The new New York Times mantra: Palin is no Hillary. In 3 days since Palin appeared, 67 New York Times articles have made that clear.

Palin’s not Hillary. Palin’s better. Palin didn’t accept bribes disguised as “cattle futures” money. Palin did not tolerate the serial sexual harassment of women by her husband as a means of grabbing power. Palin worked up from city council, and did not waltz into the United States Senate on her husband’s name. Palin can hunt, fish and help make a go of it in business.

Holders of the NY Times stock can't scream "SELL!" loud or fast enough.

NY Times Dishes Palin Dirt; Loses 30,000 More Subscribers

Surber also notes:

Sarah Baxter of the Times of London, a good reporter, asked, “Will America fall in love with Palin or will she fizzle, like Dan Quayle, the vice-president to George Bush Sr who could not spell ‘potatoe’?

Don’t worry. Palin’s from Idaho. They spell potato before they learn the whole alphabet.

Baxter's also an excellent plagiariser, Times Online Stealing Blogger's Content.

We already remarked on US News & World Report's over-the-top piece, Sarah Palin, Hillary Attacks: Fear and Loathing in the MSM.

To catalog all the craziness would be a full-time job for a dozen MSM watchers.

PUMAs Roar; Anti-PUMAs Roar Back

We've received some comments along the lines of "Hillary Clinton supporters will never support Sarah Palin". It's also a big meme for the Mainstream Media.

However, one PUMA does see the MSM bias and remarks on it:

* New York Times corrects one lie, ABC gloats over trash

While one blog remarks sums up the Obama (and MSM) take on PUMAs:

* gluing
Which summed up Clinton's DNC speech, thus:
It was a fine speech, and hopefully some of that dumbass PUMA crowd will realize that voting for a candidate who holds the complete opposite views as their beloved HRC is utterly useless. Probably not. But I can hope.

PUMAs know.

It's all about presenting the "news" to US consumers in a fair and unbiased way.

by Mondoreb
images: hysicence; andyandval, Free Republic

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