Thursday, September 4, 2008

Political Patchwork: Obama, Palin and Edwards, Oh My!

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September 5, 2008

Obama's Community
Palin's MSM Fallout
Edwards a Libility

A Community Organized

Sarah Palin doesn't have a lot of use for community organizers. Democrats are aghast, but most of America doesn't have any use for them, either. Chicago has community organizers: how's the Windy City's community organized? say that community organizers are how ordinary people respond to out-of-touch politicians and their failed policies. Doug Ross responds, "Do tell. For the last 77 years, Democrats have controlled Chicago." Oops!

Chuck Norris calls the Democrat Nominee "Puff, the Magic Obama". Well...Obama did say--in one of his better lines of the campaign--the "idea was to inhale".

Barack Obama, phone home: your city needs you.
In a report published today, Chicago’s CBS affiliate reported some incredible news: the city’s 125 summer murder total nearly doubled the number of soldiers killed in Iraq during the same time period.
One statistic you won't see Harry Reid calling a press conference to announce.


JWF says that a renowned community organizer whined like a little bitch today after getting gangster-slapped by the hockey mom" and points out that a certain community looks a bit unorganized. For equal time, we refer the reader to PJ's This is Why.

More equal time: The United Steelworkers' Union admits that Todd Palin is a union brother--and then treats his family like red-headed stepchildren. Shoebox thinks Hell Hath No Fury Like (Bitter) Women Scorned. No, not Sarah Palin, the has-beens at NOW. The Palin Bounce. CBS Poll McCain 42, Obama 42.

Newt Gingerich verbally body-slams an MSNBC reporter
who thinks he's talking to another member of the media instead of the former Speaker.

Speaking of slams, RR calls a certain left-wing nutroots site, "The Daily Kock".

BRINGING THE HATE BOOMERANGS ON MSM: Rasmussen says American, after the MSM `went 24/7 Kill Mode, view Palin more favorably than either McCain or Obama. Bringing the heat means bringing the love, at least in this latest example of the MSM injecting itself into the news instead of just reporting it.

OPRAH says, "no" to Palin; though her staff is split on the issue. This is understandable: Oprah actively campaigned for Barack Obama earlier on.

Only last week, a spokeman said that John Edwards was looking to fill out speaking schedule. So, he followed in the footsteps of his wife and canceled his speaking appearance at Hofstra University. Strange way to expand your appearances.

“Nothing is more important than electing Barack Obama and Joe Biden,” Edwards said in a statement released Thursday by the Harry Walker Agency in Manhattan. “I don’t want my appearance at these events to be a distraction from the important issues of the election, or from the important purpose of these meetings.”

Which prompted Simon at Deceiver to raise the question: Is Edwards admitting that he's a political liability?

Hey, wait a sec… I thought Edwards was a private citizen? I thought this scandal had absolutely nothing to do with Obama? But there it is in black and white gray and slightly lighter gray: Edwards just went out of his way to link himself to Obama. Otherwise, why would appearing in public be a distraction from Obama’s campaign?

More on Edwards later today.

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