Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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GOP Celebs with McKippahs
...and One Surprise Celeb

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[Clockwise from top left: Mitt Romney; the US ambassador to the Vatican (the Vatican?); former UN ambassador John Bolton; and, Jon Voight--all with McKippahs]

Shmuel, at Vanity Kippahs, has been a busy man.

Shumuel was at the Republican National Convention and snapped the above shots of GOP celebs wearing the McKippah, a VK production.

Before that, Shmuel was busy dreaming up the Obamica and the McKippah.

Then, he invented the distaff versions, pictured above.

Not sure how Shmuel got the above picture, but it was found while browsing Vanity Kippah's blog.

And, for the apolitical, a kippah for all political seasons.

The enterprising shall inherit the Earth--or something like that.

by Mondoreb
* Celebs in McKippahs
* Al Sharpton with the McCain Yarmulke
* The McKippah
* The Obamica

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