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Hillary Clinton PUMAs: Been There, Done That

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PUMA Power:
One-Fourth of Democrat Party Used to Being Ignored by Maintream Media

PUMAs are the One Group Who Has Already Gone Head-to-Head Against "The Obama Experience"

* The Mainstream Media Bias
* ACORN Voter Fraud
* The Blog Shutdowns and Intimidation Tactics
* The "Fix is In" Frustration

PUMAs: Been There, Done That

These days, the most energetic investigations, the loudest warnings and the people most experienced with unpleasant Obama campaign tactics come not from the Republican Party, but from a segment of the Democrat Party: the PUMAs.

They represent a significant proportion of the Democratic Party--a portion the Mainstream Media is loathe to acknowledge, let alone report. Some became PUMAs after what they felt was unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton. Some because of the unfair treatment in the media of Sarah Palin. Some because they cannot support a candidate who Joe Biden said "wasn't ready" just months ago--before Biden became Barack Obama's running mate.

Party Unity My Ass (PUMA)

PUMA is a movement born shortly after Hillary Clinton conceded the Democrat nomination to Barack Obama. PUMA blogs and websites almost immediately popped up on the Internet.

* P.U.M.A.
* The Real Barack Obama
* Democrats For McCain
* PUMApac
* The Confluence
* PUMA Women
* Hillbuzz

The above are only the tip of the PUMA iceberg.

A sizable portion of Democrats say they will not support Barack Obama.

From Obama Campaign's National Network Separate from the Democratic Party:

An AP-Yahoo News poll claims that Democrats who backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries are still not warming up to Barack Obama. Fifty-eight percent of Clinton supporters now back Obama.

That was the same percentage who said they backed Obama in a June, when Clinton called it quits and the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) movement was born.

The poll shows that while Obama has gained ground among Clinton's supporters — 69 percent view him favorably now, up 9 percentage points from June — this has yet to translate into more of their support.

In part, this is because their positive views of Republican presidential nominee John McCain have also improved during this period. Those supporting McCain have also edged up from 21 percent to 28 percent, with the number of undecided staying constant, the survey showed.

That was last month. Have things changed since then?

Hillary Clinton has been campaigning for Obama--and there are plenty of stories that report that the PUMAs practically don't exist.

That message seems to be resonating with Clinton’s former supporters. Interviewed at Friday’s event, a dozen of them said they all had swung behind behind Obama.

Margaret Miller, 64, of Oakdale, Pa., proved to be a typical Obama convert.

“I was very skeptical at first. We heard all the rumors saying he was an Arab, but now we know better,” said Miller, who added: “After getting to know Obama a little better and seeing his outlook for America, I decided he’s the one.”

In other words, the post-primary bitterness that spawned the “PUMAs” — the Hillary supporters whose acronym stood for “Party Unity My (lower part of my anatomy)” — virtually has dissolved.
--Clinton stumps across U.S. for Obama in run-up to the election

"Virtually dissolved". Really?

At last count, there were over 230 PUMA alliance member websites.

Then apparently every PUMA runs a website, judging from the number of them.

The above article does concede that "it's been hard" for Clinton to support Obama.

Touting Obama is quite a turnaround for Clinton, who derided the Illinois senator as not much more than a speech-maker during their long primary battle. Clinton also famously ran a campaign ad questioning whether Obama was ready to be president.

* RallyacrossPUMA
* PUMArunning
* America for Hillary
* Just Say No Deal
* PUMA Alliance
* Democrats for Principle before Party

Close your curtains, Lock your door's my fellow PUMA's. We're being chased

Yup, The same party who Ignored us when we voted for Hillary, and stole delegates from her, and handed the Democratic nomination to NObama (Yup handed.... he didn't win it) Have sent Dog's after us PUMA'S.
--To the Anti-PUMA websites: we still say NO DEAL!!!!

This reminder a few weeks ago from PUMA08 a few weeks ago:


If and when you get polled, remember to let the pollster know that not only do you intend to vote, but that you are strongly committed to voting for:
Barack Obama

It is extremely important we keep on doing this. Let Obama and his surrogates keep on being lulled into a false sense of security at having a lead in the national polls.
--PUMA Pundit, PUMAs don’t forget to say you are voting for Barack Obama if polled…

If the story of the PUMAs in the Mainstream Media is that they are "virtually dissolved", Steven M. Warshawsky, Signs Pointing To A McCain Victory, takes a different view.

Remember how quickly the MSM jumped off the Hillary Clinton bandwagon and onto Obama's? Remember how annoyed and angry they became as Hillary refused to concede the nomination? The MSM decided that electing the nation's first black, socialist, anti-American president was politically and historically more important (and, for them, more exciting) than electing the nation's first female, socialist, patriotic president. And they are doing everything they can to achieve this goal.

Well, there is another story out there that the MSM refuses to address. A huge story. One that could, and I think will, significantly affect the outcome of this race. I'm referring to the widespread phenomenon of registered Democrats openly supporting John McCain. There are numerous "Democrats for McCain" type organizations. There are numerous websites and blogs written by Democrats touting McCain's candidacy. There are pro-McCain grassroots efforts being led by Democrats. And we all know friends or relatives who are Democrats, who voted for John Kerry in 2004, and who are no fans of President Bush - but who are going to vote for John McCain this year.

Yet, surprise surprise, the mainstream media is not talking about these voters, not talking about the real rift that is occurring within the ranks of the Democratic Party. Needless to say, if a similar rift were occurring in the Republican Party, it would be treated as the major story that it is. (Indeed, as such stories about the political fault lines in the Republican Party have been treated in the recent past.)

Others haven't quite pronounced the PUMAs dissolved, as well.

"...the PUMAs...oppose Barack Obama because they believe, in their hearts, that Barack Obama has amply demostrated, by his tactics and philosophy, that he is simply WRONG FOR AMERICA."
--Ragnar Danneskjold, A Question to the P.U.M.A.s: Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton? WTF???

The PUMAs run a campaign separate and apart from the Republican one. Many produce their own anti-Obama videos and publish lots of information the MSM ignores.

PUMA sites run stories of voter intimidation that don't seem to make their way through the MSM "McCain-Palin: Hate and Racism" meme.

Twenty-five residents of a Gainesville neighborhood woke up this morning to discover their homes had been spray-painted with an obscene comment about the 2008 presidential race. Several businesses were hit as well.

“This is clear voter intimidation,” Corey A. Stewart, At-Large Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, said. “The residents targeted by these hoodlums all had McCain for President yard signs in their front yards.”

“Having your home defaced with obscenity because of political beliefs is a hate crime” Stewart said, “This is terrorizing the community.”
--Obama followers vandalize homes in Gainesville

The PUMAs have seen it all before during the primaries: the media bias, intimidation and other unpleasantness.

What voter fraud you might ask? Some of the mainstream media still hasn’t asked, or asked enough questions. Some have only just started to ask.

A reader asks …

are you sure you want to do this Barry?

If you do, it could turn up some interesting answers. Like PUMA and Clinton Democrats have been saying all along, it is systematic fraud.

--Of course the voter intimidation and caucus voter fraud relates to the ACORN voter fraud

The PUMAs are also used to every report of unpleasantness being ignored--or worse, whitewashed--by Big Media in the ceaseless MSM drone for Obama.

Democrats vote early in higher numbers than Republicans in almost every state. And that’s not including the big persuasive push by Obama. Logic dictates with all the attention Obama’s put on early voting, that Democrats should be clobbering Republicans right now…if they vote early in higher numbers to begin with, and then Obama’s made a big push for early voting on top of that.

That’s not happening.

Republicans have a slight lead in early voting right now.

Where is all the enthusiasm for Obama the media keeps braying about?

And remember: not all of those Democrats are voting Obama. We know 30 Democrats right here in Chicago who voted early — and voted Republican for the first time in our lives. We bet there’s a higher percentage of Democrats voting Republican in Colorado this year than any year in the past.
--Bad news for Obama in Colorado early voting

For their trouble, some have gotten trouble--from Obama supporters. DBKP knows how this feels.

* Blog Shutdowns: Spam Attack from IPs Assigned to
* Google, Blogger, Obama: Obamanation Shut Down My Blog!

The members of the Party Unity My Ass movement are used to the media misinformation: they remember the press calling--no, begging--for Clinton to drop out of the primary race after a string of early Obama wins. They also remember the MSM predictions of Obama victories in states where Clinton went on to crush the eventual nominee in the primaries.

That's one reason most of the PUMA sites visited for this article are not only skeptical of the MSM polls and reporting, they're convinced the MSM is not telling the truth once again.

Regardless of what the Mainstream press writes these days about them disappearing, the PUMAs have long memories of intimidation, dirty tricks and MSM "reporting". They have lived through one contest where it all occurred.

They're working hard to prevent it from happening twice in the same year.

by Mondo Frazier
* Democrats For McCain
* hillbuzz
* redhotandbluepolitics
* denitza-nyc

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