Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain Interview: McCain to Raise Obama-Ayers in Third Debate

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Obama and His Bill Ayers Connection
McCain Interview: Doesn’t Give a Damn About Bill Ayers

Bob McCarty Writes

Mark Reardon, host of The Mark Reardon Show on St. Louis radio station KMOX-AM 1120, interviewed John McCain yesterday and got quite a statement out of the Republican Party presidential nominee regarding Barack Obama and his relationship with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Asked whether he would make the relationship an issue during the third and final presidential debate at Hofstra University Wednesday evening, McCain virtually assured Reardon he would before explaining his reasoning:

"It's not that I give a damn about some old washed-up terrorist and his terrorist wife who in 2001 said they wished they had bombed more. What I care about — and what the American people care about — is whether he is being truthful with the American people."

It's a great interview. To listen to the entire interview, click here and then select "Mark Reardon (10/13/08) John McCain" from the podcast lineup on the right side of The Mark Reardon Show web site.

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by Bob McCarty
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Source: McCain Doesn't Give a Damn About Bill Ayers

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