Thursday, October 2, 2008

Obama, Bill Ayers: Ayers Awarded Ring Made from Downed US Plane

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Obama and Bill Ayers:
What's in a Ring--or a Mentor?

Bill Ayers Awarded Ring from North Vietnam
Made from Metal from Downed American Planes

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John McCain's Plane was Shot Down and He Spent Six Years in a North Vietnam prison.
Meanwhile, Barack Obama's Mentor, Bill Ayers, Was Awarded a N. Vietnamese Ring

During the debate last week both candidates showed off bracelets given to them by military mothers. However, was the ring Barack Obama was wearing given to him by his radical, marxist friend Bill Ayers? Bill Ayers and his leftist wife, Bernadine Dohrn were honored by the North Vietnamese government. They were both presented with rings made from downed American planes. So proud of his achievement, Ayers wept.

From the American Thinker, "Obama's Foul Weather Friends":

After returning from Cuba, Dohrn and others met with North Vietnamese and Viet Cong representatives in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss antiwar strategy on US campuses. Speaking a few days later at an assembly of revolutionary student movements at Columbia University, Dohrn reported that the Vietnamese communists she met in Budapest were working with US GIs in Saigon, attempting to obtain military information.

As a gesture of solidarity, the Vietnamese who Dohrn met in Budapest presented her with a ring made from an American aircraft shot down over North Vietnam. Bill Ayers would receive a similar ring while meeting with Vietnamese communists in Toronto. He later recalled being so moved by the gesture that he "left the room to cry." He said, "I realized...America was an evil... and that I was... living inside the belly of the beast...."

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Source: Obama wears Bill Ayers' Ring?

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