Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Birth Certificate: Washington Man Files Suit Over Obama Citizenship

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Obama Citizenship:
Washington State Man Files Suit

Another lawsuit has been filed seeking information over the citizenship of Barack Obama. This time in the Seattle area.

A man from the state of Washington has filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court asking Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed to obtain proof from Barack Obama of U.S. citizenship or remove Obama's name from Washington presidential ballots.

Steve Marquis, of Fall City, WA, filed the suit yesterday and issued a press release.

From Heraldnet's Obama's birth stirs legal action in Washington

Here is his [Marquis'] press release.

He argues in a 30-page document:

“To avert likely civil unrest and a constitutional crisis…this complaint seeks to resolve such complaints prior to the election. It was incumbent on the candidates to present such documentation, but to date Mr. Obama has failed to do so.

Obama sought to put down this pesty rumor when he posted a picture of his birth certificate online here.

The report cites the Annenberg conclusion that Obama was a citizen.

The report continues, "Reed forwarded the matter to the Attorney General’s Office. Ballots are still slated to be mailed this week."


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Another rumor which made the rounds was that of Joe Biden leaving the Democrat ticket "sometime after October 5 due to health reasons."

That rumor has been laid to rest by the passage of time: ten days after the date it was supposed to happen, Biden is still doggedly on the campaign trail. DBKP reported both the rumor and the dearth of Obama-Biden campaign material available nearly a month after Biden was selected to the Democrat ticket.

The issue of Obama's citizenship has been alive much longer--since the spring of 2008. That the Obama campaign chose to address it in a less-than-forthcoming way causes people to ask questions.

The fact that Barack Obama has chosen not to release medical, college or university records has also raised questions.

Questions which might easily be answered with the release of records which many Americans have to cough up in order to secure employment.

The longer these records remain hidden from the public's view, the more questions--and now, lawsuits--will be initiated.

Why the Obama campaign has not released the records with less than three weeks until the election remains a mystery.

The decision by Obama to fight the federal lawsuit of Phillip Berg, instead of providing documents also raises eyebrows.

Add all of this to the fact that Barack Obama first dodged, then downplayed and finally mis-characterized his relationship with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, and you have a recipe for suspicion.

Those suspicions are only increased by the absence of the Obama records.

None of this bothers Obama supporters, but in absence of any legislative record to examine, without the records, there is precious little on which to judge Barack Obama--other than his political speeches and his endorsement by the Mainstream Media.

Perhaps the plan of the Obama campaign is to distract detractors from questions about Obama policies?

If that is true, their plan may be working to some extent.

Time will tell.

by Mondo Frazier
image: dbkp file

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