Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sarah Palin: Thousands Chant "Mine Baby Mine" and "Coal" in Ohio

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Mine, Baby Mine!
Palin Joins East Ohio Crowd
In Pro-Coal Chants


Democrats and the Mainstream Media talk of a "landslide".

Funny how Sarah Palin continues to roll up crowds in the tens of thousands at campaign stops. Sunday was no different at a Palin campaign stop in Eastern Ohio, near St. Clairsville.

The outdoor venue she spoke at is normally used once a year for the Jamboree in the Hills country music festival which attracts 80,000 people a day.

Local reports describe the "shoulder-to-shoulder" crowd as being "boisterous".

Joe Biden will speak Tuesday only a couple miles from where local reports described Palin as "working the crowd into a frenzy by adopting the phrase 'Mine Baby Mine!'".

Biden will speak at Ohio University's Eastern Campus Tuesday which has a listed seating capacity of 3500.

From Mine, Baby, Mine!:

Palin, the current governor of Alaska, addressed a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd at Brush Run Park just outside of St. Clairsville.

"Mine, baby, mine," the crowd chanted repeatedly - a variation on the "drill, baby, drill" call by Republicans who support off-shore drilling for oil.

"I've never heard that before," said an amused Palin of the coal chant. "Do you mind if I plagiarize that? I'm taking it across the U.S."

Palin had started by telling those present of how Republican presidential candidate John McCain and she will work to bring energy independence to the nation. She referenced wind, solar and nuclear technologies, but the crowd spoke over her.

"Coal ... coal ... coal ... ," they chanted.

"We'll get there, I promise," Palin assured them.

Then she got to the clean coal part of her speech.

"Coal will create jobs where they are needed most - in parts of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania," she said. "We have more coal in this country than there is oil in Saudi Arabia.

"The question is why aren't we using it?"

Palin referred to recent Biden comments and said Biden believes that "there is no such thing as clean coal"

On September 25 Biden, while also campaigning in Ohio, said that he and Obama "do not support clean coal".
Working the rope line in Maumee, Ohio, the Senator was asked by an environmentalist why he and Mr. Obama support "clean coal." "We're not supporting clean coal," Mr. Biden responded. Then, riffing on China's breakneck construction of new coal plants, he continued, "No coal plants here in America. Build them, if they're going to build them, over there."

Palin again:

"Whether Joe Biden approves or not, John McCain and I are going to develop clean coal technologies here at home," Palin said. "Our plans for coal would create 30,000 new jobs. And trust me, those resource development jobs are good jobs."

Many Democrats were in the crowd--some of them chanting, "Coal!"

Regardless of how many turn out to see Sarah Palin speak, the Mainstream Media will continue to its reports of "landslides" and how Palin is hurting the GOP ticket.

Thousands at her stop near St. Clairsville, Ohio Sunday may beg to differ.

by Mondo Frazier
images: dbkp; Intelligencer-News-Register

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