Sunday, November 16, 2008

British Environmentally Safe Bathing: Sex, Soap and Save the Earth

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Proper British Bathing Instructions
For the Environmentally-Aware Child

The Brits have come up with a new way to impress 8-year-olds with environmental awareness.

An illustrated book entitled "How To Change The World For A Fiver", was distributed to children on excursion by department store, Sainsbury. A father heard his daughter and friends giggling while reading the book and discovered the section on coed bathing.

Apparently the British enviros have dispensed with their former bathing instructions. You know, the short shower wet down.

Off water.


Finally, the speed rinse. (All too familiar to mariners, by the way). Now tubs are back in--along with frolicking and oral sex.

Being a contortionists apparently helps save water also.

The book has other helpful suggestions. Like kids can shave their genitalia and talk about these things with strangers.

Now I know exactly what the astute DBKP readers are thinking: "That is so much bullshit".

That is because the sensible readers of DBKP do not live in the make-believe world.

We know that coed bathing does not save water. In fact, it uses a lot more water.

Forty minutes in the tub requires a bit of refresher water. The splashing horseplay gets water all over the floor.

Then, there is the post-bath shower. The tub washing and the bathroom cleanup to hide the evidence of the environmentally-worthy bath.

Been there, done that.

[ABOVE: The aftermath]

So, why this advice in a book primarily about saving the world?

Because to a large extent, the environmental movement is about no such thing. It is about forcing an overall philosophy of liberalism upon society.

Modern environmentalist are inevitably Global Warmists. They are against Western civilization and mores. They are in favor of abortion on demand, the gay agenda, and any such sociological causes. Environmentalism at this level is merely one component of an over-arching, sectarian belief in hedonism--mixed with a need for domination and punishment for those who disagree.

It is contrary and delusional.

But, so is all liberal thought today.

by pat

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