Saturday, November 8, 2008

Change You Can Believe In: Change.Gov Changes Required America Serves Post

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Website Makes Changes in its
"America Serves" Post

Attempts to discredit those reporting on the story Made

Yesterday, DBKP published a story about the Obama website, [Barack Obama: Compulsory Service REQUIRED of Middle, High School, College Students] The Obama website announced that middle school, high school and college students would be required to perform community service.

The Heritage Foundation, Hot Air, Gateway Pundit, Stop the ACLU and others also commented on the announcement from the "Office of the President-Elect". (There is no such office officially, but the Obama campaign has had a love affair with officialibilia it just can't seem to break.)

After the change was made at, comments appeared below our story which cast aspersions on DBKP's credibility. Of course, these comments may have come from well-meaning people who only saw the second posting at the original drew unwanted attention.

But, they may not have.

In less than 60 minutes, four comments all appeared which called into question DBKP's credibility and which cited the now-changed wording at We have not checked, but the feeling is that this did not happen by change chance.

For the record, we publish the "before" and "after" screenshots from the original post and the changed post.

Many thanks to Gateway Pundit [Change... Obama Announces Creation Of His Marxist Youth Corps ] for the "before" screenshot of the post. GP remembered a cardinal rule from the election: screenshot everything when dealing with the Obama campaign. Things have an unpleasant habit of disappearing from the web, once the public is made aware of them.

What "America Serves" looked like yesterday at

What "America Serves" looks like today on's post after changes were made:

This would be less disturbing if the changes were made quietly. That would indicate the Obama campaign is sensitive to public perceptions of its plans.

The fact that a sort of "Internet rapid deployment" force appeared leaving comments seeking to discredit our original post does nothing to comfort those who were inclined to give the new president-elect any benefit of the doubt.

It appears that the Obama Bunch wants to govern in the same manner in which it campaigned. Yesterday, we were inclined to discount that.

Today, we are much less inclined to feel that way.

by Mondo Frazier
image: gecko and fly

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