Sunday, November 9, 2008

Newt Gingrich: 2012Presidential Run or 2008 RNC Chairman?

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Newt Gingrich:
Architect of 1994's Contract with America

Gingrich New GOP Chairman?

Sherri Reese is reporting [Newt Considers a Run for RNC Chairman] that Newt Gingrich "is considering throwing his name in the hat to be the next Chairman for the RNC.'

As Georgia Republican Leadership meet today to plan for the expected run-off of Saxby Chambliss against Jim Martin, my sources tell me Gingrich is having meetings to discuss his own race.

Newt is best known for leading the charge for the Contract with America. It is this famed Contract that has been credited for the Republican take-over of the US House and Senate in 1994. It is also well believed among traditional Republicans that it has been the abandonment of this contract by elected Republicans that has lead to their downfall.

Robert Novak assesses the mood in the Republican Party as "desperate".

"But Republicans are in a desperate mood after the fiasco of John McCain's seemingly safe candidacy."

Writing about talk of a possible Gingrich run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, Novak describes Republicans as "chastised".

Republicans seem chastened by the failure of seeking moderate, independent and even Democratic votes. They are ready to try going back to the "old-time religion."

One Republican critic of Gingrich concedes that he has an "unlimited" energy flow and a constant stream of ideas, an important commodity in a party that appears to have run short of ideas during the Bush years. But there is widespread concern about what is described in the party as deep "character flaws" of Gingrich's that would be difficult to overcome in a presidential campaign.

Novak may have hit the nail on the head: Republican Party leaders have reason to feel chastised. Voters who had an inclination to vote for the GOP were given few reasons--outside of Sarah Palin's pick as John McCain's running mate--to feel enthusiastic about a party that, given the chance, fed as voraciously at the public trough as Democrats.

Self-identified Republicans voted in less numbers in 2008 than they did in 2004, though by how much is disputed. Michael Medved thinks it wasn't too many. [DID SIX MILLION REPUBLICANS REALLY STAY HOME?].

The Republicans worked as hard to expand big government under George Bush as Democrats traditionally did. Karl Rove's plan to expand the Republican "base" by enrolling millions in the expensive prescription drug plan--that will eventually be paid for by coming generations--was a travesty.

In many cases, Bush's "compassionate conservatism" was neither compassionate nor conservatism.

Newt Gingrich proposes so many interesting ideas that it's possible to both disagree and agree with him at the same time--depending upon the idea being discussed.

Many will questions Gingrich's decisions at various points in his life, but Gingrich's conservative credentials are unquestioned.

While Newt Gingrich may rightly have some problems with a possible presidential nomination run, a stint at the RNC would be a perfect fit for the former Speaker of the House.

by Mondo Frazier
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