Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MORNING INTELL: 5000 Dow, GM Doomed, Jeb Bush for Senate

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December 3 2008

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* Jeb Bush Considers Senate Run
* 5000 Dow?
* Saxby Chambliss Wins Big
* CDC at Fault if Terrorists Strike USA?
* India Demands Mumbai Mastermind
* GM Doomed?
* Norm Coleman now Slightly Favored


  1. JEB Bush to Run for Senate? From Jeb: I am considering Senate run:
    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — the younger brother of the president — is weighing a run for the Senate seat currently held by Republican Mel Martinez.

    Martinez announced Tuesday that he will not seek reelection in 2010. Asked whether he was interested in running for the seat then, Bush told Politico by e-mail Tuesday night: “I am considering it.”

    Jeb is the most conservative of the Bush family.

  2. Saxby Chambliss coasts to comfortable win: Chambliss wins US Senate runoff in Georgia.
    With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, Chambliss captured 57 percent of votes to Martin's 43 percent. It was a rare bright spot for Republicans in a year where they lost the White House, along with several House and Senate seats.

    Condolences may be sent to the (non-existent) Office of the President-Elect.

  3. IF terrorists strike the USA with a version of the Spanish Flu, Americans can thank the Center for Disease Control, which made the information available. Bipartisan Commission Warns of Anthrax, Spanish Flu Terrorist Attack Within 5 Years

  4. A 5000 Dow again? Dow 5,000 Redux
    Here I go again! Gosh it was only six years ago that I cemented my place in stock market history by predicting that the Dow would fall from 8,500 to 5,000, instead of going up to 14,000 where it peaked in October of 2007. Well, I could use the standard set of excuses: 1) No one else saw it coming, 2) I was misinterpreted, and taken out of context, 3) I was tired, overworked, and had family problems, or 4) I had just come out of rehab. But these days what really works is a full confession. I mean, like, uh, it was totally my fault and I take full responsibility. The fact is I was only off by 9,000 points. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

  5. Pakistan has him, India wants him: India Names Mumbai Mastermind


    Al Jazeera and The Guardian label the terrorists "gunmen"; CNN calls them "militants." Some analysts identified the underlying cause as the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. Psychological guru Deepak Chopra called it the result of "collateral damage" from the US war on terrorism and the Iraq war.

    But how does the especially bloodthirsty attack on Mumbai's Nariman-Chabad House fit into this puzzle palace?

    The New York Times theorized that Chabad House may have been an "accidental hostage scene." The BBC initially chose to hide the Jewish character of the target by describing it as just "an office building." Al Jazeera refused to show Chabad House as the site of the carnage. Some Western media outlets unsympathetically labeled victims there as "ultra-Orthodox" or "missionaries."

  • It's good to know that at least one Congressman has important business on his mind: Congressman requests Obama DOJ investigation of the BCS.
    How about the DoJ investigating Congressmen with too much time on their hands?

  • Uh oh. Mean Street: Why GM Is Doomed
    If you’re a U.S. taxpayer you ought to read GM’s “Restructuring Plan for Long-Term Viability.” By the end of next year, you’ll own a good chunk of this company, so you might as well familiarize yourself with what’s going on there.

    On first read, you’ll think that’s too rash a judgment. The document is well-reasoned and thoughtfully crafted. There are lots of numbers “proving” GM’s commitment to restructuring.

    But at its core, it’s propaganda aimed directly at warming the hearts of Congress.

    It is not a viable business plan.

  • Godless Liberals Dept: Figures... Libs Erase History & God From Capital Vistor's Center


  1. Are the Courts the right place for all the challenges to Barack Obama's eligibility to serve as President? Obama Birth Certificate: Who Determines Presidential Constitutional Eligibility?

  2. What's happening in four of the lawsuits challenging Barack Obama? Obama Birth Certificate: Status of Major Court Cases

  3. Conservatives aren't the only ones that get queasy when they hear the name, "Pelosi": Anxiety among Democrats as Pelosi tightens her grip .

    "...not all Democrats are celebrating. Liberals are worried about Pelosi’s vow to govern “from the middle” and centrists are concerned that the make-up of the House leadership team has shifted noticeably to the left."

  4. Number 42? Statistical Models Now Show Coleman as Slight Favorite


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