Monday, December 1, 2008

MORNING INTELL: SecState Clinton, EnviroCourt, No Beer for America

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December 1 2008

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* Clinton Obama's Secretary of State
* Al-Qaida #2: "America, Convert to Islam; Give Up Beer
* Taj Mahaj CEO: Mumbai Terrorists Well-Trained and Prepared
* CNN in Mumbai: Helping the Terrorists Target Victims
* Cock-fighting on Steroids
* Steyn Takes on the Sheep Shaggers
* Shysters Want International Environmental Court
* Google Gags MMalken Videos


  1. All is not well in the Chinese economy: laid-off workers and those who have lost their jobs--over 7000 factories have closed in South China due to the worldwide economic slowdown--roam the streets and are prone to express their disatifaction with lost wages by rioting. Chinese Economy: Riots at the Nerf Toy Factory

  2. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: Obama, Clinton Seal the Deal.

    "The news conference at a Chicago hotel is scheduled to begin at 10:40 a.m. Eastern."

  3. Clinton passed on a powerful Senate committee chairmanship to take the SecState job.Hillary Clinton passed on Appropriations chair to become Obama's Secretary of State

  4. It could have been worse: The Taj Mahaj Hotel were alerted of a possible terrorist attack. Taj Mahal hotel chairman: We had warning
    The Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India, temporarily increased security after being warned of a possible terrorist attack, the chairman of the company that owns the hotel said Saturday.

    But Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata said those measures, which were eased shortly before this week's terror attacks, could not have prevented gunmen from entering the hotel.

    Among the actions taken which lead Tata to conclude that the terrorists were well-trained: they evaded the metal detectors in the front by using a back kitchen entrance; they shot a sniffer dog and his handler; and, the terrorists knew the hotel's layout extremely well.

  5. Melanie Phillips says the Mumbai terror attacks were part of The war against civilisation.
    She gives two things learned from the atrocities: 1) The Islamists want to murder as many Americans, Brits, Hindus and Jews as possible. That is because they are waging all-out war against civilisation; and 2) They singled out Americans, Brits and Indians in the financial heart of India to break the ever-more important strategic alliance between India and the west.

  6. 3 creepy words/phrases appear in the same headline: Lawyers call for international court for the environment.
    For Green Weinie readers, that'd be "Lawyers", "international court" and "environment".
    Of course, there's fines, punishments to be administered by unaccountables.

    "A former chairman of the Bar Council is calling for an international court for the environment to punish states that fail to protect wildlife and prevent climate change."

    How about a court to punish former UK Bar Council chairmen that propose freedom- and sovereignty-killing environmental courts?



When government stays out of the way, Freedom and Abundance are the results: The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Hold-Over Headline Dept.
Something else for the losers in the MSM to explain away: Most Consider The Web Most Reliable Source of News
A Zogby Poll, commissioned by IFC, found 37.6% of those asked consider the Internets the most reliable source of news. 20.3% consider national TV news most reliable and 16% say radio is the most reliable source.


  1. Mr. Obama: Don’t Miss Next Week’s Chicago Tribune, Full-Page Citizenship Challenge To Run Twice,
    December 1st and 3rd.
    Our full-page Open Letter to Mr. Obama will be published in the Chicago Tribune on both Monday, December 1, 2008 and Wednesday, December 3, 2008. It will appear in the main news section. Click here to view a copy of the final ad.

    More from the Canada Free Press.

  2. FIGHTING WORDS: Al-Qaeda #2 Warns America to Convert to Islam & Give Up Beer.

  3. Google gags Michelle Malkin videos: Inside the world of Google censors.
    Google must think the USA is China. Google actively participates in the censorship of the Internet in China by blocking results that annoy the Chinese government. Maybe if Malken had opened her video with "Allah Akbar!", Google would have let her videos be posted.

    [ABOVE: Google image search results page for "Tiananmen" in USA and China.]

  4. George Will takes time off bashing Sarah Palin to explain why an Obama New Deal will accomplish the same thing as the original FDR 1930s' programs: nada. Same Old New Deal?


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