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Obama Birth Certificate News: December 4 2008

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Obama Birth Certificate:
Denofrio v Wells Referred to Conference
By Full Court--Not Just Justice Thomas

Obama Birth Certificate News:
December 4 2008

Leo Denofrio sued NJ Secretary of State Nina Wells over the eligibility of presidential candidates John McCain, Barack Obama and Roger Calero.

Calero isn't even a U.S. citizen, yet appeared on NJ's presidential ballot.

The Denofrio v. Wells case was actually referred to conference by the full Court, not just Justice Clarence Thomas.

From A little twist on Donofrio's case. Keep your eyes open on December 5th!:
12/1/08 - Donofrio's case in the Supreme Court was actually referred to conference by the full Court, not just Justice Clarence Thomas. Bob Vernon, from the Plains Radio Network, spoke with Patricia McCabe Estrada, Deputy Director of Pulic Information at the SCOTUS. She confirmed that Mr. Donofrio's application was first referred to conference by Thomas on the 19th, but after that referral, the full Court distributed the application for Conference on December 5, 2008. Unusual. The docket was not clear to these facts.

The Obama Birth Certificate Questions
The Lack of Obama Records

* Obama Birth Certificate Controversy: Who Verifies a Candidate is Legit?
* Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Story Heats up at World Net Daily
* Obama Birth Certificate, Citizenship: SCOTUS Conference Scheduled for Dec 5
* Obama Records: Obama Campaign Still Refuses to Release Medical, Other Records
* Obama Birth Certificate: Ruling in Berg v. Obama Expected In Next Two Days- UPDATED
* Obama College, Medical, Birth Records: Who is Barack Obama?
* Obama Birth Certificate Federal Lawsuit: Video Released On YouTube
* Obama Birth Certificate Federal Lawsuit: Updates, News and Reactions
* Obama Birth Certificate Federal Lawsuit: The Curious Behavior of the Obama Campaign
* Obama, Bill Ayers, and FactCheck.Org: All Have Ties To Annenberg Foundation


* Obama Birth Certificate: Who Determines Presidential Constitutional Eligibility?
A number of lawsuits have been filed over the birth certificate and citizenship of Barack Obama. Are the courts the right place to determine the answer? If not the courts, who, what or where? What’s the correct procedures? We asked What’s Your Evidence to get some some evidence on who or what determines Constitutional presidential eligibility.

* Obama Birth Certificate: Status of Major Court Cases
Obama’s birth certificate: A number of lawsuits have been filed in state and federal courts. What’s the status on them? A look at four of the cases and where they are.

* There are fact-checking sites, and then there are sites that actually check facts. Annenberg FactCheck.org does a less-than-objective job of fact checking political questions: they're heavy on attitude, substituting disdain and snarkiness for facts.

However, another fact-checking site fact checked Phillip Berg (of Berg v Obama): What's Your Evidence?. It does a good job of sorting through the numerous claims with links to sources and WYE does a good job of sticking to the facts.

Who is Barack Obama?


  • ANOTHER COINCIDENCE? 'Natural-born' requirement called 'stupidest provision': Also 'discriminates, outdated, undemocratic and assumes birthplace a proxy for loyalty'.
    An associate lawyer in a Chicago-based firm whose partner served on a finance committee for then-Sen. Barack Obama has advocated for the elimination of the U.S. Constitution's requirement that a president be a "natural-born" citizen, calling the requirement "stupid" and asserting it discriminates, is outdated and undemocratic.

    A little pre-2008 planning, perhaps?

  • MSM STARTING to NOTICE. The Russian MSM, that is: Pravda raises Obama eligibility issue
    "Even the Russian online newspaper Pravda featured a column about "the man with no visible past.""

  • WND Founder, James Farrah: Our system is broken.
    "...there is at least serious doubt about the constitutional eligibility of the man likely to be voted in as the next president by the Electoral College Dec. 15.

    If this happens, the question of eligibility for the highest office in the land will no longer even be a matter for concern. Precedent will have been established. Arnold Schwarzenegger will suddenly be eligible to run for the office in 2012. No new law will have to be passed. The Constitution will not need to be amended. The age requirement will also have to be set aside."


Various state cases filed against Barack Obama over citizenship: America Wants to Know!

ANOTHER PROBLEM: Dead California Elector: Irregularities Found in California

MSM Changes from Blackout to Apologia
Obama Birth Certificate:
In the News December 4, 2008

Pro-O: Pro-Obama story; not interested in Obama providing an original birth certificate.
Pro-D: Pro-disclosure; for the release of Barack Obama's original birth certificate; something Obama has not done to date.
MB: Mixed bag.

  1. CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Tax activist's ad challenges Obama's eligibility for office RATING: Pro-O

  2. KC STAR: Anti-Obama bloggers challenge birthplace
    Obama’s campaign tried to settle all doubts months ago when it digitally scanned for all Web browsers to view a “certification of live birth,” signed by Hawaii’s registrar of vital statistics and carrying the state’s seal.

    KC Star does not mention even non-residents can obtain a certificate of live birth. Also cites FactCheck.org, though the writer doesn't mention if he's citing the first FC article or their second one which fact checked their first one. RATING: Pro-O.

  3. DETROIT FREE PRESS: Supreme Court to consider hearing case challenging Obama’s citizenship
    Good article with nothing but the facts--a rarity.

  4. MINN-ST.PAUL STAR-TRIBUNE: Blog House: Born in the USA? Yes, he was Yesterday's warmed-over gruel of MSM rumors. RATING: Pro-O.

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