Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Politically Incorrect FBI Bulletins

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Politically Incorrect Holdout:
FBI Most Wanted-Violent Crimes & Murders

Here is the FBI's most wanted: VIOLENT CRIMES - MURDERS


Seems to be a lot of Hispanics. Wonder what their immigration status is?

Wonder why we can't find them?

And there sure seem to a lot of Muslim murderers for members of the Religion Of Peace.

Seems to us here at DBKP that allowing illegal immigrants to enter into America with impunity, to rape and kill, then to find safe haven back in Mexico, which not only refuses to extradite them, but won't even arrest them, is beyond foolish. Just about as stupid as allowing Muslims, basically misogynistic barbarians who hate everything about America, Christianity, Judism, and innumerable other elements of our society, into the civilized society.

Of course the excuse is they are just doing the work Americans won't.


by pat
image: fbi

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