Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joys of Smoking: DBKP Tobacco, Cigar, Cigarette and Smoking Center

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DBKP's Joys of Smoking Academy

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Smoking Quotes: Twenty Quotes on Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco and the Joys of Smoking

“Government never takes freedom in one swift move. It regulates and legislates it away, a little at a time– mostly in the name of “protecting” you.”
–R. E. Bierce March 19, 2008

Present-day anti-smoking forces are following the same blueprint that Adolph Hitler used in his hopes for a smoke-free Nazi Germany. Smoke Nazis’ quest for control and regulatory power closely mirror the original National Socialists of 1930s Germany.

We list the Nazi (of Germany) anti-smoking accomplishments alongside of those of the Smoke Nazis.

--From German Nazis, Smoke Nazis: Anti-Smokers Use Hitler’s Blueprint

Below are the DBKP articles and videos on Smoke Nazis, those mostly unelected officials on a No-Smoking Jihad against personal choice and liberty.

Smoke and Health Nazi: DBKP LIbrary of Articles

"You can dress a Nazi up in scrubs or a politician's suit, but he's still a Nazi."

* History of Tobacco Smoking - In Progress, Check back.

* Cigar Care and Tips - In Progress, Check back.

* News of Interest and Updates

* Rye Whiskey, Lighter Flavored than Bourbon, is Back in Vogue

* Government Raises Sin Tax Over 2259 Percent on Bulk Tobacco

by Mondo Frazier
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