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Did Elizabeth Edwards Use "Cherubim" Alias to Attack Rielle Hunter?

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The Commenter Known as "Cherubim"?

Cherubim Wasn't a 'Blog Lurker'
She Only Commented on John Edwards Scandal Stories
--At Least at DBKP

The headline in the NY Daily News said it all.

John Edwards' ex-mistress, Rielle Hunter, targeted by Elizabeth Edwards in blog comments

"A source close to Elizabeth Edwards says the former Senator's wife is sniping at former Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter via an online pseudonym."

The Daily News goes on to say:

For months now, Elizabeth, who is said to be talking to a divorce lawyer, also has been sniping at Hunter - painting her as a blackmailing gold digger - in blog comments where she uses the pseudonym "Cherubim," according to a source who knows Elizabeth.

Though "Cherubim" has recently described herself as an African-American woman, the source insists, "It's Elizabeth. She's used 'cherubim' as a password. Look at the gravestone of their son Wade: It's an angel holding a boy."

The piece finishes with, "Elizabeth's publicist and lawyers for John Edwards and Hunter declined comment."

This only confirms what some in the blogging community have suspected for quite some time. DBKP was tipped to the Cherubim/Elizabeth Edwards connection sometime in spring 2008 (if memory serves).

We ran an IP check then and--again, if memory serves--the Cherubim emails (two or three were checked) came from a New York City neighborhood. While this didn't rule out EE--the woman does travel and could have sent them from there--it was soon forgotten in the everyday rush of other news.


Over 140 DBKP stories on the scandal and its participants: John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, Fred Baron, Andrew Young, Elizabeth Edwards and a cast of thousands.

"Cherubim" has commented frequently on John Edwards stories originating at DBKP (including DBKP, DBKP@Blogger and Bloggers News Network).

In fact, on at least one occasion, it's remembered that another commenter referred to Cherubim in a later comment as "Elizabeth Edwards".

Again, around a year ago, another reader asked us about the Cherubim/Elizabeth Edwards connection. We checked out some Cherubim emails at that time and they were now coming from Nashville, TN.

We weren't sure what to make of that.


We asked ex-Hunter confidante, Pigeon O'Brien, what she thought this past weekend. Her response?

"If it quacks like an Elizabeth Edwards duck..."

After sifting through some of Cherubim's comments, JammieWearingFool had this assessment [Elizabeth Edwards Targets Rielle Hunter in Blog Comments?]:

"Yes, it's a safe bet to say this probably is Mrs. Edwards.

Check this Google search and check out how many times 'Cherubim' surfaced the past year or so. Seems Mrs. Edwards has been in deep denial."

Mickey Kaus [Elizabeth Edwards, Blog Mystery Woman?] weighs in with several thoughts:

UPDATE: This blogger claims the Daily News story is false, though I don't quite follow his argument ... ORIGINAL ITEM: If--big if--St. Elizabeth Edwards is the blog commenter "cherubim"--as the N.Y. Daily News' Rush & Molloy argue--it raises as many questions as it answers! In particular, this one: Is "cherubim" a) deluded (actually believing Edwards clearly "was not the father" of Rielle Hunter's child,etc.), or b) deceiving (trying to sell the Web on a story she might well not be true, a story she was in fact working out in her comments)? Or--the inevitable consensus choice (c)--some wacky combo of both? ... As usual, I urge readers not to overlook possibility (b) ... This Daily Beast web page (worth a screen cap just in case) is one of those with juicy "cherubim" comments that now seem much juicier. ... P.S.: Note that on this page "cherubim" is accused of being Elizabeth Edwards back on June 22 by another commenter, "Ohseriously."

To all of this, we might vote for Kaus' (b) above. We've noted in the past about some of Elizabeth Edwards' statements concerning the affair [John Edwards Cover-up: Press Releases a Carefully-Orchestrated Affair?] and might paraphrase O'Brien from above, "If it denies, parses and dissembles like a duck..."

All of this piqued our curiosity, so we checked out the comments from Cherubim for the last 10-11 months that were left on articles originating from this site (

We include some of them below and will let the reader come to his own conclusion.

[ABOVE: Elizabeth Edwards' and John Edwards backstage at a gathering at Chapel Hill NC on December 30 2006. Rielle Hunter is present and recording the event. Both John and Elizabeth Edwards later released highly-parsed statements, that while factually correct, misled the public into thinking that the affair was long over by the date above.]

John and Elizabeth Edwards have been married for 32 years.They had four children together; three are living, and one died when he was only 16 years old. Elizabeth Edwards has stage 4 cancer. Any decent human being would not have inserted herself into their lives, and then sold stories about them to the National Enquirerfor monetary gain. (Hunter is a “ho” mining for gold.)Lisa Druke, a.k.a. the Rielle (Real) Hunter fills me with disgust. I hope someday to never hear anything about her again.

By the way, I found Elizabeth’s new book, Resilience, to be quite inspirational. I think everyone would benefit from reading the passage in the book that tells the story of the Japanese woman who survived the atomic bomb thatwas dropped on Hiroshima.
--"Cherubim", June 1 2009 comment on John Edwards and Wild Card Ex-Mistress: Barbara Walters Interview with Rielle Hunter

Hours later that same day, Cherubim had another thought.
The Rielle (Real) Hunter is a made up name used
by a woman named Lisa Druke. Her friend, Pigeon,
also uses a made up alias.

I think these people work for some secret society,
that’s out to do evil

Several days later, Cherubim returned to the same story to post the following comment.
Oh people, please!!!!
Everybody in America and Half of Mainland China
knows the Rielle (Real) Hunter has a baby that she is claiming to be John Edwards’. There is no reason for John and Elizabeth Edwards to pay this whore to keep her mouth and legs closed. She has already opened them both multiple times.
That’s why the Rielle (Real) Hunter, herself, does not want a paternity test. She just wants John and Elizabeth to not be at peace. Well Lisa Druke a.k.a.
the Rielle (Real) Hunter your 15 minutes is up.
Good bye!!!!!!

And again, four hours later on the same story:

"Lisa Druke’s (a.k.a. The Rielle (Real) Hunters’)
15 minutes are up."

If this story is true, then one can only conclude that Rielle Hunter knows for a fact that Senator John Edwards is not the father of her child. This makes me happy for John and Elizabeth Edwards, their children ,and the American people whom John Edwards has, and I hope will continue to serve.
President-Elect Barack Obama has chosen, mostly, Wall Street promoters and corporate lawyers to be in his cabinet. He hasn’t included anyone who knows how to interact and relate with everyday American citizens, and then report back to him concerning: (1) what the people need, and (2) whether his administration’s new initiatives are working. During the Great Depression, Eleanor Roosevelt fulfilled this role for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. I nominate Senator John Edwards for this role. John Edwards would be a refreshing change. Is not change what Obama s supposed to be about? As a rival of Barack Obama, for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination, John Edwards, consistently spoke up for average Americans, i.e. Main Street, not Wall Street. During his “Road to One America Poverty Tour” John Edwards demonstrated that he is uniquely qualified for this role.
The video evidence follows (put the address in your address bar and click to see the video):

He has walked with and comforted people whose homes were being foreclosed:

Defined the “Great Moral Test of Our Generation”:×88ZmohM

He has visited workers employed in the new renewal energy economy:

John Edwards is, also, the only candidate for President that actually went down to New Orleans on several occasions and worked along side those striving to try to bring back the areas that remain so devastated from the effects of Hurricane Katrina:
--"Cherubim", December 17 2008 comment on John Edwards Scandal: Rielle Hunter In New Jersey, Out of Hush Money

On one of our BNN stories, John Edwards Affair: Rielle Hunter in N. Jersey, Out of Cash last December, Cherubim dropped multiple comments attacking both Rielle Hunter and the National Enquirer.

She also returned to the "Rielle Hunter is a whore" meme that ran through a lot of her comments on DBKP and BNN stories about the Edwards' scandal.

When, Rielle Hunter refused to get a DNA paternity test, it became clear to everyone that Senator John Edwards was not the father of her child. A sex partner is not necessarily a mistress, sometimes the partner is just a whore.

Considering that she was being kept so lavishly by another guy and the National Enquirer, she still should have some money.
But if she needs child support,
she can take the real father to court and get it.

Everybody has been so quick to vilify John Edwards and
suggest that his marriage isn’t solid. Sex isn’t always indicative of the solidity of a marriage.
Mrs. Edwards has cancer, and, maybe, sometimes, when she is on various medications, sexual intercorse is not always possible.
I think Mrs. Edwards “whom John obviously adores” is wise
enough to distinguish true love from a sexual dalliance.

A few days later on the above story, this comment appeared from Cherubim. After the NY Daily News item, it reveals more today than it did back in December.

Some things like marriage relationships are private to be discussed between the persons involved. People need to stop pretending they are outraged. The only person with a right to be outraged is Elizabeth Edwards, and she has decided to spend much of her time working for universal health care for Americans. She has also said she and her husband want to dedicate their lives to fighting poverty. Let’s not hinder them.

Other things like jobs, labor rights, the collapse of our economy, and government bailouts are public matters to be discussed by all Americans. I don’t want to see working Americans treated like the workers in “third world countries”. John and Elizabeth Edwards are well aware of their short comings, but they also know how to fight and work for the American people.
Watch the video of John, Elizabeth and their two youngest children at work restoring a home in New Orleans:

I leave you with this quote from Senator John Edwards:
“It’s not in how many times you fall down, what matters is how many times you
get back up.”

Cherubim returned to the above story on April 2 2009.
Steph what you wrote is so very true.
To day is Ampril 2, 2009 very soon it will be
tax time again. However, I am sure the IRS is already investigated whether she paid taxes on
the money she has already extorted.

Rielle may be about to find out:
“What goes around, comes around.”
I hope Rielle Hunter gets what she deserves.

Steph said,in December 21st, 2008 at 10:15 am

“Hunter has an important date coming . . . April 15th. That is the day she has to report all the financial support she has received this year as income and pay taxes on it. The IRS shows no mercy and they are certainly aware of the huge amount of money she has been given. So having blown through all that cash is going to come back to bite her big time. The IRS has enormous power against which people have little recourse. If she thought she is playing hardball, she’s going to find out what hardball really is!”

Cherubim comment on John Edwards Scandal Cover-up: Three Carefully-Coordinated Statements?:

"I think when Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed with Cancer, John became a man with fear and pain. I think the affair resulted because he wanted to forget and live without pain. For those who hate John Edwards know this he is in more pain now than he ever has been, and he will still most likely lose his wife, Elizabeth to cancer. As it stands, now, only the New World Order Corporations benefit. I hope that, soon, John and Elizabeth will return to help us with the fight to obtain universal health coverage and end poverty. What would Jesus Christ say? Answer: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”"

To which this author replied:


I’m in no position to speculate what Jesus would say; however, elsewhere in the Bible, it does admonish, “Thou shalt not commit adultery” or “bear false witness”.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, read and comment.


[ABOVE: John Edwards' parents look on as he signs another autograph at a gathering at Chapel Hill NC on December 30 2006. Rielle Hunter is still in attendance. Both John and Elizabeth Edwards later released highly-parsed statements that misled the public into thinking that the affair was dead by the date above.]

"All this current sanctimonious crap being broadcast in the media disgusts me. What is important is what John and Elizabeth fought for during the campaign: universal health care and an end to poverty in America. These are goals worth fighting for. When they are ready to resume the fight, I’ll be willing to stand beside them."
--Cherumbim August 27 2008 on John Edwards Scandal: Mainstream Press Sticking to Schieffer Standard

The “Saving Graces” paperback was published officially on Aug. 14, 2007.

Elizabeth Edwards writes:

“It is hard to describe the test of public life, the way people believe — to some degree correctly — that you belong to them. There are awful examples, of course, of those whose motives are selfish or not admirable, who pry their way into the lives of public people in order to exploit a kindness or a generous gesture. They are to be endured and, to some extent I largely chose to ignore, feared. They remind me of a more malicious version of the people who wandered into our house in Annapolis, walking around our living room, putting their hands on our things. It is a sad fact that these people are a threat to anyone with even the smallest amount of celebrity.”
---Cherubim comment, September 10 2008 on John Edwards Scandal: Fox News Gives New Edwards’ Time Line


Is Elizabeth Edwards really "Cherubim"?

We don't know. We only have suspicions raised over the last 18-20 months and today's assertion that the NY Daily News has a source that states that she is.

It's a question for all of God's angels.

Including the odd Cherubim.

by Mondo Frazier

* DBKP file
* DBKP file

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