Monday, October 5, 2009

MORNING BRIEF: Michael Moore and Ramming Obama Care Through

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Monday-October 5, 2009

* UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES Unexpected Outgrowths of the Tea Party Movement.
Backlash against the Left's best God-eradication efforts?
Bonus: The author self-describes: "Lloyd Marcus, Black Unhyphenated American!"

* HOW CAN THIS BE? AP: Middle class might not afford Obamacare. Does President Obama know about this? Who's responsible for not informing him? Will heads roll?

* WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED? Michael Moore’s Movie “Capitalism” Tanks at Box Office … Blame it on Capitalism:

"As Big Government points out, a movie that crashes capitalism in a capitalist country fails, go figure. More from Steve Mason."

The guess from this corner is: the movie-goers who attended were sympathetic to Moore's political viewpoint; i.e., university liberals, Hollywood types, denizens of big-city newspapers and newsroom people from the Big 4 Shrinking news networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN).

Or not. Factor in at least a few "bored-teens-on-Saturday-searching-for-something-to-watch-that-they-hadn't-seen-on-Friday-night".

Maybe there's not as many of those people as I thought. Still, Powerline [Zombies 1 Socialists 0] points out: "For purposes of comparison, Zombieland raked in nearly $10 million. Still, even unsuccessful propaganda can do damage. It's a safe bet that hardly any of those who went to see Zombieland actually believe in zombies, while a considerable number of those who saw Moore's film may actually believe in socialism."

Read the rest at DBKP Morning Intell: October 5 2009

by Mondo Frazier

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