Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Casey Anthony: Secret Witness Saw Casey Carry Bundle into Woods

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Enquirer Reporting Cops Have Secret Eye Witness Who May Have Seen Casey Carrying Bundle into Woods

Photo retrieved from Casey Anthony's Photobucket account dated June 3, 2008

The National Enquirer is reporting that the Orlando cops may have a secret eye witness in the Casey Anthony case, a witness who saw Casey on the afternoon of June 16, the last day Caylee was seen alive. According to the Enquirer the witness, a passing motorist, saw Casey leaving her parked car by the side of the road then entering a wooded area with a bundle "possibly the size of a trash bag" in Casey's arms.

Even more significant, the time the motorist purportedly saw the woman, whom the witness purportedly identified as Casey Anthony, was sometime between 3 and 4 pm.

Also, the police, who, after tracking Casey's cell phone records, theorize Casey returned with Caylee to the Anthony home after her father George Anthony had left for work at around 2:30. Authorities believe Casey tried to kill Caylee in the swimming pool then got "cold feet":

"After not going through with killing Caylee in the backyard, Casey took to driving aimlessly around in what police believe was her attempt to look for a secluded wooded area to murder the child."

Also discovered at the site where Caylee's remains were discovered, a syringe which tested positive for the presence of chloroform, and, a heart shaped sticker:

Discovery evidence, photo of heart shaped sticker found near Caylee’s remains

In Discovery documents released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Caylee’s remains were found wrapped in a black plastic bag, then placed inside a tan laundry bag. Caylee’s skull was found with silver duct tape placed across her mouth and attached to her hair. Forensic investigators later detected the heart shaped indentation indicating that someone had placed a heart shaped sticker over the duct tape.


Investigators later discovered at the Anthony home a sheet of heart shaped stickers, the same size and shape as the one discovered at the site of Caylee's remains.

Investigators discovered a photo of Caylee, dated June 3, 2008, belonging to Casey, where someone had photoshopped the image of a small heart on the bottom left-hand corner.

The secret eye witness purportedly saw a car matching the description of Casey's car parked at a wooded area "five miles" from the Anthony home. The witness is believed to have seen a woman matching Casey's description leave the car carrying a bundle into the woods.

We're inclined to believe the Enquirer story has legs as we've personally worked with the Enquirer and found they're an extremely reliable source. What may be confusing is that the witness saw Casey on June 16, the last day Caylee was seen alive, at a wooded area which was located several miles from Caylee's remains were later discovered.. There's also forensic evidence of the presence the odor of human decomposition as well fluids discovered in the trunk of Casey's car.

Entomologist Dr. Neil H. Haskell has concluded that the odor of human decomposition in the trunk of Casey's car could have begun from between June 17-June 20 and that Caylee’s body was most likely removed during the period of June 19-22. Casey abandoned her car on June 27.

Why is the witnesses' account important? Even though the witness purportedly saw Casey carrying a bundle into a wooded area four and half miles from where Caylee's remains were later discovered, the witness ties Casey to a "bundle" which was described as "trash bag" sized. Caylee's remains were discovered wrapped in a trash bag which was deposited in a laundry bag. The witness, a passing motorist, didn't see Casey return to the car. Even so, it could be surmised that Casey, for whatever reason, may, after entering the wooded area, changed her mind and returned to the car with the bundle. The witnesses' account showed that Casey was "in a wooded area" on the day Caylee "disappeared", and that Casey, after the odor of decomposition became unbearable-Casey complained to friends about the odor-Casey chose a wooded area closer to the Anthony home to dispose of the body.


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