Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama FCC Proposals: Free Speech Regulations Stalin or Mao Would Love

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The Obama administration has proposed another set of regulations that infringe upon Free Speech. DBKP has written about some of them previously.
* Next FCC Target: Hate Speech in the Media
* Obama, Free Speech: U.S. Votes for UN Restrictions on Free Speech
* Free Speech and the Internet Under Assault from Multiple Sources

Mark Hyman, American Spectator, lists a few of the most odious items in the coming FCC Internet Free Speech Assault. They are almost unbelieveable--almost.

From The Plan to Silence Dissent:

More than 150 bureaucrats at the Federal Communications Commission are in the final stages of planning how to deliver broadband Internet to the estimated 3-6 million people who do not have access. A formal plan will be unveiled in early 2010 but one proposal being discussed is deeply alarming as it threatens First Amendment freedoms.

The FCC is contemplating the notion that some or all of the electromagnetic spectrum occupied by radio and TV broadcasters is the perfect real estate to launch a national wireless broadband service. The price tag is $350 billion. That is as much as nearly $120,000 per person to be connected. Apparently, the FCC has not heard of the "$99 Triple Play."

Nowhere are both the "heavy hand" and "invisible foot" of government more evident than in the many regulations being proposed for the last frontier of Free Speech: The Internet.

This administration has accepted the task of controlling disagreeable political speech with a zeal. Whether it was Regulation Czar, CASS SUNSTEIN's 'timely' publication of the booklet "Rumors"--a screed that pimped for the necessary regulation of disagreeable "rumors" on the Internet--or these latest proposals from the Obama FCC, this White House doesn't seem to miss a trick when it comes to stamping out dissent.

Especially, on that unregulated monster, the Internet.

Barack Obama soulmates, Stalin and Mao, would be proud.

Originally posted at FLASH Headline News: Obama FCC Proposals: Stalin and Mao Would be Proud

by Mondo Frazier

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