Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 Elections: The Coming 2010 Electoral Tsunami

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"Few Democrats understand the depth and intensity of opposition that exists toward them and their agenda, especially regarding health care. Passage of this bill will only heighten the depth and intensity of the opposition. We’re seeing a political tsunami in the making, and passage of health-care legislation would only add to its size and force."
--Peter Wehner, The Health-Care Backlash

UPDATES to this post at DBKP: 2010 Elections: The 2010 Electoral Tsunami is Coming

Congressional Democrats are an agile, nimble group: they're patting each other on the back as they whistle past an 2010 electoral graveyard of their own making.

Presidential advisers have been making the rounds, as has the President, talking about the "bounce" the perpetrators of this bill will receive. They are right: a great many of them will get a "bounce". But, it will not be the "bounce" they are expecting: it will be a bounce from their high-paying, pontificating, sneer-at-their-constituent jobs they hold now.

2010 will be an electoral tsunami.

Thought the health care "reform" bill passed the Senate cloture on a strict party-line vote, the result of this bill will be universal bipartisanship at the polls in 2010. There is a true sense of anger, frustration and contempt that cuts across political and, in some cases, ideological, lines.

Rarely, except in wartime, has the Democrat, Republican and Independent electorate been so united. Nothing will unite a free nation quite like the message of "I told you to shut up and take your medicine".

And Democrats, as the party in charge and, particularly, as the party in charge of this abominable creation called "health care reform" will feel an electorate united against the pig-trading that birthed this monstrosity.

Democrats will try to take refuge behind their old allies in the press, but the legacy media is a shadow of its former self; though it will provide some help in urban areas, voters are wise to their tricks. Confidence in Big Media is scraping along near the bottom--where this Congress' approval ratings dwell. While Internet usage continues to climb, reliable mouthpiece media organs consolidate, shrivel and die.

Americans want control of their government back. They want public servants--not publicly-enriched masters.

An electoral tsunami is coming in 2010. It will hit Congress and its corrupt members and wash them away.

For President Obama and his men: the waves aren't stopping in 2010.

by Mondo Frazier
image: DBKP file

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