Tuesday, December 15, 2009

National Health Service, Deathpanels, Obamacare and The Future Of America

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National Health Service, Deathpanels, Obamacare and The Future Of America.

Britain was the first free country to establish uniform national healthcare, The National Health Service. And what a ride it has been. Like most Canadians, (who have a slightly different system), Brits hold their heads above such primitives as Americans, who actually must pay for medical service.

They tend to wag their fat fingers in our faces and brag about all of the free health care they get. We have sat at more than a few cocktail parties wherein Brits and Canadians have lectured that America immediately adopt such a system as their national health system.

Their urgency always seemed misplaced.

Who gives a damn if the Brits think that health care is free and pulling ones own teeth with pliers is part of the deal? As long as it is only the Brits. And given the state of English teeth, their loss is no more disconcerting than their presence.

But now that the socialists in America have decided to foist the wonderful National Health Service on America (Clinton's praises of the same still ring in my ears and sear my intelligence), it is time to see how things worked out.

From Britain, the sick man of Europe:
Heart and cancer survival rates among worst in developed world

British health care is little better than that of former Communist countries, which spend a fraction of the billions poured into the NHS....

The figures showed:

* British cancer and heart attack victims are more likely to die than almost anywhere in the developed world;
* Asthma and diabetes patients are more than three times as likely to end up in hospital as their neighbours in Germany;
* Life expectancy in Britain - 79 years and six months for a man - is far worse than in France, where men expect to live until 81. The deficit is similar for women.

Britain performed only marginally better than former Communist states whose governments spend only half as much on healthcare.

Last night critics seized on the league table as an indictment of Labour's failure to improve the Health Service over 12 years - despite tripling NHS spending to more than £100billion a year.

But don't worry. Obama's intent to spend a $1,000,000,000,000.00 a year will make our country of four times the population just right.

And about those silly seniors and their heart attack moments? We can't imagine how cutting out payments to cardiologists or decreasing Medicare payments by $560 Billion will have any effect at all.

Perhaps a million bucks for education on the self-treatment of cardiac arrest will solve the problem.

And you know how this administration has recommended that women cut back on mammograms and men on prostate tests? That is working out well in Britain. Been there and done that, as they say.

But who cares really? Because...

On the positive side, the survey shows British healthcare is much more equitable than most other countries.

And that really is Obama's and Pelosi's point, isn't it? All should suffer as much as the worst.

Except themselves.

Whom they have excused from the system. And if it came to pass, they would simply go to another country like Canadians and increasingly, Brits, do now. All the while feeling well of themselves.

by Pat

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