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Tiger Woods Infidelity Humor, Jokes, Video and Game

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[Tiger Woods likely reaction to our Tiger Woods Infidelity Humor and Jokes]

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Tiger Woods Infidelity Humor and Jokes

What's funnier than a three ring circus with lots of clowns?

How about some Tiger Woods infidelity jokes!?!

Complete with videos about Tiger Woods "transgressions"!

BONUS! Tiger Woods mistress photos at the end.

First up, this JUST Discovered Tiger Woods Sex Videotape:


You HAVE to try it, if only to see the animation at the end of the game when you finally get stopped. It's quick, it's fun, it's easy. It's The Tiger Woods Game
[h/t; I OWN THE WORLD, Okay, It’s Stupid, But You Know You’re Gonna Try It]

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Tiger Woods Infidelity Joke of the Day

Tiger Woods was flying his plane one day on his way to a golf tournament in Australia, when the plane experiences mechanical trouble.

The plane goes down and Tiger finds himself on a small, deserted tropical island. He waits one day, two days, a week. He sees no signs of humans. After a month, he's getting a bit desperate.

Then one day, he's out on the beach, looking for seashells. A figure walks out of the surf and onto the beach. It's a person in a wet suit. The person takes off the rubber head covering and shakes out long blonde hair. It's a beautiful girl.

Tiger's excited. "Who are you?"

The girl smiles and says, "I'm Jessica. Team Tiger sent me to find you. Is there anything you want?"

Now it's Tiger's turn to break into a smile. "Oh my! I've been on this island for so long, I've lost count. I could use a drink!"

The girl unzips a pocket in her wetsuit and pulls out a flask and a shot glass. "Have a shot of Crown Royal, sport."

Tiger downs his shot and then takes another. The girl can see that he enjoys the shots.

"Is there anything else you'd like?"

Tiger thinks and says, "Oh, I could use some real food. I'd love a steak!"

So the girl unzips another pocket in her wetsuit and pulls out a plastic bag with a humongous T-bone in it. "You'll have to cook it. Sorry."

Tiger whips up a fire and cooks the steak and devours it. He's laying back afterwards around the fire letting his meal digest when the girl says, "Is there anything else I can get you?"

Tiger says, "Not right now. When are we getting rescued?"

Jessica says, "I've got a homing beacon in my suit and we ought to be on a ship within the next two hours."

Tiger thinks that's great. He's very happy. He never thought he was gonna get off that small island.

Jessica looks at him and smiles. "You know, I'm a beautiful blond and you're the world's most favorite golfer and we have a few hours before the rescue party gets here. Would you like to play around?"

Tiger jumps up and say, "Wow! You got a set of golf clubs in that suit?"


--originally posted as an update in Tiger Woods Women List: Photos, Latest Updates, News.


Homeless Guy Claims Affair With Tiger Woods Sign

Video version below--because everything's better when it moves.

Homeless man has affair with Tiger Woods from The Offside Rules on Vimeo.

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Tiger Woods Mistress Photos

[ABOVE: Tiger Woods mistress photos in a single collage]

Bonus pic of Joslyn James below.

From White Tiger:

We just wanna confuse the Associated Press. Does a white Tiger make Woods more racist? Less racist? The same? Or am I the racist for having made this picture? The AP knows best, so we’ll wait to find out.

MORE: The AP Investigates Tiger’s Racist Stripes!

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by Mondo Frazier
images: DBKP file; I Own the and check earlier DBKP articles for original image credits.

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