Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fox News Douglas Kennedy Learns to Speak Douche Bag

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Repeats Tea Bag slur on Fox News Watch

Glad to see that we weren't the only ones who noticed FOX News' Douglas Kennedy's obnoxious Tea Party comments Saturday on Fox NewsWatch.

NewsBusters' Brad Wilmoth also noted Kennedy's obnoxious remarks in FNC’s Kennedy Claims ‘Anti-Semitism’ in ‘Tea Bag’ Movement, Pinkerton Notes LaRouche Leftists Used Obama/Hitler Image:

On Saturday's Fox News Watch, panel member and FNC correspondent Douglas Kennedy referred to Tea Party members as the "Tea Bag movement," prompting admonishment from host Jon Scott who pointed out that he was using the "pejorative" term. In the next segment, Kennedy went on to accuse Tea Party members of anti-Semitism and linked Obama/Hitler posters to Tea Party members, leading panel member Jim Pinkerton to remind viewers that an Obama/Hitler poster sometimes attributed in the media to conservative Tea Party members had actually been brought to a protest by left-wing supporters of Lyndon LaRouche – who ran for President in the past as a Democrat:

The entire transcript is at the NewsBusters' link above.

We're not sure about Douglas Kennedy being able to speak Tea Bag, but from his offensive comments yesterday, he's obviously fluent in Douche Bag.

Fox NewsWatch should have been titled "Battle of the Network Perjoratives".

"This week: The Douche Bag vs. the Tea Bag!"

One bystander remarked that " least, Kennedy looked right for the part".

by Mondo Frazier
image: DBKP, Fox, I Own the World
Original article at DBKP: Fox News Douglas Kennedy: A Douche Bag Spurts About Tea Bags

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