Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Universal Voter Registration Equals Universal Voter Fraud

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"Universal voter registration will create massive vulnerabilities to systemic voter fraud nationwide, and if Democrats have proven anything in recent years, it is that they can win elections that way."
--James Simpson, What the Dems know that we don't: Universal Voter Registration



In case you wondered why the Democrats are voting for wildly-unpopular bills: are they naive political lemmings?

Or do they have more tricks up their sleeves than run-of-the-mill Al Franken-type voter fraud?

From What the Dems know that we don't: Universal Voter Registration:

Many are puzzled that Democrats persist in ramming unpopular and destructive legislation down our collective throats while seemingly unconcerned by their plummeting poll numbers. A widespread belief is that the Democrats are committing political suicide and will be swept from one or both houses of Congress with unprecedented electoral losses next November. But since Democrat politicians rarely do things that will not ultimately benefit themselves, this column asked two weeks ago: "what do they know that we don't?"

We may have found out. It's called universal voter registration. The Wall Street Journal's John Fund described the Democrat plan recently at a David Horowitz Freedom Center forum. Watch the video:

Originally published at DBKP. For updates, Universal Voter Registration Means Universal Voter Fraud

IOTW, It’s The End Of The World As We Know It says of the following video, "The first 2 minutes are the important ones. Listen and cringe."

Fund describes the proposal as follows:

In January, Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank will propose universal voter registration. What is universal voter registration? It means all of the state laws on elections will be overriden by a federal mandate. The feds will tell the states: 'take everyone on every list of welfare that you have, take everyone on every list of unemployed you have, take everyone on every list of property owners, take everyone on every list of driver's license holders and register them to vote regardless of whether they want to be...'

Much more at the link, including intense douchemongering by reliable far-left fund raising/attack machine, Media Matters.

"We're gonna give each and every one of you forty acres and a mule!"
And a mule?! Gee!! Forty acres and a mule.
And your gonna become voters! And your gonna vote like your friends do"

--Carpetbagger to former slaves in Gone with the Wind

And true to form for the most openest, honestest, transparent-est administration/Congress/Senate in the history of politics, it will be rushed through Congress in two weeks before the rubes in the countryside know what hit 'em.

And readers just thought it was gonna have to contend with run-of-the-mill ACORN thuggery in 2010?

What others have said:

* John Fund Universal Voter Registration Video: Voter Fraud Alert!:

Jim Simpson shook things up a bit yesterday when he posted at the about the Democrat plan to bring Universal Voter Registration to the Nation. Jim asks why Democrats would persist in "ramming unpopular and destructive legislation down our collective throats," while at the same they seem not to care that they are committing political suicide. John Fund has the answer. Beware - Voter Fraud Alert.

* Universal Voter Registration: Chucky and Barney Strike Again: Voter Fraud Alert:

The Democrats have a plan. The short story is told in the video, with John Fund of the Wall Street Journal explaining that the plan is…to quietly, and very soon, like now…this month, propose Universal Voter Registartion – which means that your state’s election laws are trashed

From the same good people who gave you Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Government Motors and the list goes on.

Universal voter registration is the card the Democrats play to try and trump the Tea Party anger at reckless lib policies.

Without UVR, all they have is just the garden-variety ACORN fraud.

Remember the simple equation when you hear hear the words, "universal voter registration".


Our founding fathers knew it. Voting is a privilege for those who deem it important. For those who don't value it, it's a form of currency to be bartered to the highest bidder.

by Mondo Frazier
images: DBKP file

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