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The Conservative 100: Most Popular Conservative Websites


Ratings #2, February 14, 2010
DBKP's bi-weekly rating of the Most Popular 100 Conservative sites on the web, the Conservative 100.
The ratings are based on Alexa traffic rankings 3-month average.

As always, if we missed anyone, drop us a line in the comments with your site URL; we'll include in the next ratings around the 1st of March. The Alexa rankings were largely taken from February 13, 2010 and include several from January 14, 2010.

The Top 100 Politically Popular Conservative list contains all sites of interest to conservatives or with a conservative point of view. Several Libertarian sites are also included, such as Reason and Freedom's Phoenix.

The Top Five remain unchanged from two weeks ago. The number one slot is held by Fox News, followed by the Wall Street Journal's Opinion page and the Drudge Report. Two "combination sites", Hollywood and World Net Daily/Michael Savage round out the Top Five.

DBKP will release our DBKP Politically Popular Top 100 Conservative Blogs next week.

February 13-14, 2010

RankLastBLOG NAMEAlexa RankAlexa +/-
11Fox News200+7
22WSJ Opinion Journal286---
33Drudge Report495+12
44Big Hollywood/Breitbart2282+5
55World Net Daily/Michael Savage2603+24
77Hot Air3880-44
88Free Republic4292-132
99Washington Times4420+11
1010Rush Limbaugh5414+235
1111National Review Online5605+125
1212Town Hall5898-145
1414Breitbart TV7106-276
1516Big Government7861-189
1615Michelle Malkin7868-292
1717Instapundit/Pajamas Media7974+144
1818American Thinker8847+30
1919*Ace of Spades HQ/My Pet Jawa/CYankee*9111+226
2020Washington Examiner9185+520
2121Glenn Beck11165+116
2222Red State13358+53
2424Human Events15565+612
2525Weekly Standard16326+332
2628First Things**16719+544
2727American Spectator16863+479
2826Fox Nation16893+1060
2929What Really Happened?17170+318
3030Right Pundits17863+478
3132Heritage Foundation18721+717
3334CNS News19585+639
3636U.S. of Earth24601+3671
3737Atlas Shrugs28779+99
3838Neal Boortz29791+784
3939Don Surber32233-784
4040Jihad Watch32872-704
4154Big Journalism37340+18137
4242Volokh Conspiracy38249-77
4343Say Anything38801+35
4445Front Page Magazine39529+853
4556Daily Caller40028+17929
4646Cato Institute40460+486
4741Sean Hannity40461-2866
5048Bill O'Reilly45455-61
5151The American47880+4251
5249Ann Coulter48490-225
5453Riehl World View51592+3598
5552Right Wing News54991+1333
5655Daniel Pipes56265+1513
5757Mark Levin60708+110
5858Dick Morris60860+965
5960DBKP - Death by 1000 Papercuts64571+4137
6059The People's Cube65635-1346
6264Weasel Zippers69703+6664
6362Army Times74356-4421
6465Hugh Hewitt74685+399
6569Freedom's Phoenix76563+1144
6767Debbie Schlussel77164-844
6866Media Research Center78714-2847
7070Flopping Aces80865-2365
71--Red County81591---
7272Legal Insurrection83029+1683
7373Laura Ingraham84541+3171
7463The Next Right85657-11671
7674Jammie Wearing Fool90854+706
77--Bloggers News Network93059---
78--Outside the Beltway96614---
8077Double Plus Undead102052+6770
81--Conservatives for Palin105737---
8282American Conservative113129+6333
8384Blogs Lucianne Loves113797+17354
84--Jonathan Turley116029---
8580Black Five118000-2645
8678Steyn Online119164+3336
87--Small Dead Animals119168---
8881Doug Ross@Journal119316+7803
8983I Own the World120948+4416
9085Sweetness and Light129371+2554
91--Washington's Blog138327---
9287Yid With Lid138687+18824
9386Michael Yon142269-1055
9479Other McCain148722-34913
95--Theodore's World152037---
9698All-American Blogger160383+28417
9791Radio Equalizer162154+3086
9890Protein Wisdom162819+1466
9988Jumping in Pools163065-1485


* #19 - 9,111 Confederate Yankee, Ace of Spades HQ, and Jawa Report, as well as other blogs all combine for the same rating. Alexa treats these sites as one in its traffic rankings. Because these are all popular conservative sites, we'll leave it like this with the note until Alexa distinguishes between them.

** #26 -The same holds true for First Things, The Anchoress, Gateway Pundit, Spengler, Secondhand Smoke, Evangel and Postmodern Conservative are all at First Things. All the above sites register an aggregate total like the sites. Until Alexa distinguishes between the blogs, they'll be ranked in the aggregate with this note.

# Michael Savage is part of World Net Daily and their traffic combine to form one total.

# Instapundit is part of the Pajamas Media site and both combine for the one total.

# Don Surber is part of the Charleston Daily Mail site and both combine for the one total.

# Big Hollywood is part of the site and both combine for the one total.

## Big Journalism, the Daily Caller and Blogs Lucianne Loves are all less than 3 months old, so their ratings are not nearly as high as they will be after they have all gotten a full three months under their belts. These three sites continue to experience quick jumps up the ladder.

## NEXT 10: The Near-misses on this list:

95Just One Minute169049+12676
92Dr. Helen170805+2118
93NO QUARTER180200-5344
94Grouchy Old Cripple182270-545
--Cafe Hayek184384-545
99Bob McCarty Writes184631+5410
97Dennis Miller203310-19673
100Stop the ACLU205822-7093

28417 - All-American Blogger
18824 - Yid with Lid
18137 - Big Journalism
17929 - Daily Caller
17354 - Blogs Lucianne Loves
9,130 - Linkiest
7,803 - Doug Ross@Journal
6,770 - Double Plus Undead
6,664 - Weasel Zippers
6,333 - American Conservative
4,416 - I Own the World
4,251 - The American
4,137 - DBKP - Death By 1000 Papercuts
3,671 - U.S. of Earth
3,698 - Riehl World View

Eight new sites break into the Top 100 this rating, lead by Red County at #71.

We got the idea of a regular ratings from several sources while looking for this information several weeks ago: John Hawkins' Right Wing News The Top 40 Conservative Blogs For 2009 (Version 1.0) from March 2009 and a later 2.0 version in June 2009; Conservatism Today's 24 Best Conservative Blogs, August 2008; and, Top 133 Conservative Blogs, November 2009. Also, here's a list of the UK's Top 100 Conservative Blogs. And one more: (UK) Top 100 Conservative Blogs.

The Conservative 100 will be updated approximately every two weeks.

ALSO at DBKP: Top 100 Popular Conservative Blogs-Jan 31, 2010

Remember: If we missed your site, let us know. Either with a note in the comments or an email to Put TOP 100 in the subject line.

ALSO at DBKP: Progressive Liberal 100: Top 100 Progressive Liberal Websites

compiled by Mondo Frazier
images: DBKP file

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