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Conservative Blogs 100: Ratings 2, February 21, 2010

Ratings #2
February 1-21, 2010

2010's 2nd monthly ratings of the Most Popular 100 Conservative blogs on the web, the Conservative Blogs 100.

The ratings are based on Alexa traffic rankings 3-month average. All changes are calculated from last Conservative Blogs 100 listing.

If we missed anyone, drop us a line in the comments with your site URL; we'll include in the next ratings, March 21. The Alexa rankings were largely taken from Feb 20, 2010 and include several from February 21, 2010. The Conservative Blogs 100 will normally be released the third Sunday of each month.

The list includes conservative and libertrarian blogs of interest.
These differs from the Conservative 100, in that it doesn't contain the sites of large newspapers, news channels magazines or TV/radio personalities. The sites that appear on the Conservative Blogs 100 are primarily web-based entities.

The number one slot is held by The Drudge Report, followed Hollywood and World Net Daily (even though WND hosts radio talker, Michael Savage, on its site).

The top five is rounded out by Hot Air and Free Republic.

22 new blogs hit the list this period, led by Canada Free Press, NewsReal and Life News. Also several made it on for the first time on any of DBKP Top 100 lists, including Chris Muir's popular cartoon, Day By Day, Jill Stanek and Angry White Dude.

Additional notes after the ratings list.

February 20-21, 2010

RankLastBLOG NAMEAlexa RankAlexa +/-
11Drudge Report489+18
22Big Hollywood/Breitbart2284-2
33World Net Daily/Michael Savage2626-23
44Hot Air3952-88
55Free Republic4312-152
67Town Hall5948-195
89Breitbart TV6962-132
911Big Government7649+23
1010Michelle Malkin7976-400
1112Instapundit/Pajamas Media7901+217
1213American Thinker8758+119
1314*Ace of Spades HQ/My Pet Jawa/CYankee*9018+319
1415Red State13515-104
1519Fox Nation15619+1274
1621First Things/Gateway Pundit/Anchoress**16698+665
1722What Really Happened?16741+747
1823Right Pundits17490+851
2026CNS News19244+980

22---Canada Free Press21827---
24282011: Failed Obama Coup22997+5274
2529Atlas Shrugged29199-321
2642Big Journalism30098+25379
2730Don Surber32430-981
2831Jihad Watch32503-331
2944Daily Caller33707+24250
3133Say Anything38498+338
3232Volokh Conspiracy38519-347
3335Front Page Magazine38978+1404
3537Ann Coulter47738+527
3741Riehl World View50372+4818
3840Right Wing News52720+2271
3943Daniel Pipes53389+2876
4045Dick Morris58878+2977

4147DBKP - Death by 1000 Papercuts60556+8152
42---Life News61708---
4351Weasel Zippers65207+9360
4546The People's Cube66638+1003
4752Debbie Schlussel75361+959
4854Freedom's Phoenix75699+2008
49---Day By Day78929---

For the rest of the Top 100 Conservative Blogs 100: Conservative Blogs 100: February 21, 2010.

Additional notes, Top 15 Fast Movers and Near-misses are all at the link above.

compiled by Mondo Frazier

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