Thursday, May 13, 2010

Updated WWI and WWII Posters Updated for The Age of Obama

Originally posted at DBKP: Updated World War I and II Poster Art: Obama’s War on Capitalism

The federal government's gobbling up banks, car companies, insurance companies, housing: it's a war out there. Here's some World War I and II posters--as well as some classic editorial cartoons--updated for 2010.


From RidesAPaleHorse:

Been doing a lot of thinking lately about our national situation. As you know, I'm a big fan of wartime poster art and have a pretty extensive collection.

We're in nothing short of a war on our way of life as I see it. So I did a few posters, some from as far back as WWI--and before. Also did a few WWII issues as well.

Click images to enlarge.

NOTE: Some vintage editorial cartoon updates are also included. Mouse over image for poster names.

NOTE: Posters may be used with credit to RidesAPaleHorse and link back to this post. The headline may read 'Obama's War on Capitalism', but RAPH's correct: it's more like a 'War on Our Way of Life.'

ALSO: Some more DBKP Pixelaneous Photo Essays. The collection does need updating! It only contains links to the first 58 or so...

by RidesAPaleHorse
images: RAPH
notes: Mondo

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